a sleeping Monkey

#Magic Moments – a sleeping Monkey

My Magic Moment for this week is a nightly moment, a moment I treasure and one I would love to capture in a photograph but I’m always too worried about disturbing the moment.

My son is very good at going to bed, we brush his teeth, have a wash or bath and he picks his bedtime stories (there are always at least 2 books each night) and then I tell him his Monkey Story, give him and teddy a kiss goodnight and leave him to drift off to sleep.

He likes me to leave his door ajar, so I normally leave him for half-hour and then pop upstairs and shut his door, before Brewster sets up camp for the night.

I love looking at my little boy in dreamtime.  Fast asleep, arms tightly wrapped around his beloved teddy, sometimes curled up tightly in a ball, sometimes spread out on top of his duvet, sometimes legs hanging out all over the place, sometimes upside down.  I could stare at him for hours like that.  So peaceful and quiet, so still.

I look at him and wonder where his mind has taken him, what adventures he is having in dreamland.

A sleeping Monkey, my son – my Magic Moment

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