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#Magic Moments – a trip to the Library

A trip to the Library is my magic moment for this week.

As you are well aware we love books in this house, and reading is something that has always been part of my life.  I cannot imagine a life without books and the joy they bring – knowledge, escapes, dreams and adventures.

As a child, my mother took me and my brother to the Library regularly.  I used to love it when the Librarian stamped our books and library cards.  It was part of our routine.  So to me, it was only natural that this would also become part of my routine with my son.

We take a trip to the library every few weeks, sit and read some stories and then he picks a couple of storybooks and a couple of factual books to bring home.

Today we went to the Library and met a couple of his friends there with their Nanny and her little baby.

It was lovely to see 3 children engrossed in the stories we read.  My son and I read ten different storybooks and he was still sat next to me enjoying every page to the very end.

To me, this is wonderful, quality time, with my little boy.  He gets so excited when I tell him it’s Library day and he can’t wait to get inside the building.

10 thoughts on “#Magic Moments – a trip to the Library

  1. Wonderful – my oldest just got his first library card, and he’s so proud to have his own card, he runs off to choose his books and take them out by himself 🙂 A love of reading is just the most important thing x

  2. My guys love visiting the library. My younger one is forever asking when we are going to the library again. Agree with you, it’s a lovely experience for both parents and children

  3. Reading is ingrained in my life too. I’ve made reading a fun activity for my toddler and he just loves snuggling up with me to read! I wish I could go to the library though, but I don’t think he’s ready for it yet!

  4. What a lovely routine to get into honey and such a joy that he enjoys reading so much, thats priceless.

    Thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments x

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