Magic moments – where it all began

I’m linking up with Magic Moments at The Oliver’s Madhouse and thought I’d start right at the beginning.

Saturday, March 28th 2009 – I won’t forget that date in a hurry for a couple of reasons.

I’d been living with my partner for six months and as neither of us was on the right side of 40 we decided that if we wanted a family we’d better hurry up and get on with it.

So in early December 2008 I stopped taking the pill and thought to myself, it’ll take months, it won’t happen etc.  On Christmas Day my partner proposed, totally out of the blue, down on one knee – the whole works.  It was lovely, I said yes, and again we thought, no point in hanging around – let’s set a date.  We’d both gone through painful divorces and both been the ‘injured’ party but in very different scenarios.  I’d got married on the beach (years before it was the ‘in thing’ to do!) the first time around and wanted to see if we could get married in church this time.  We explained both scenarios to our local vicar and she was happy to marry us in her church.  We set the date for September 2009, giving everyone plenty of notice to book flights etc.

I went out looking for an age-appropriate wedding style dress, saw something I liked but was a bit unsure of the colour so was leaving it a couple of weeks before I made my final decision.  We’d decided on our wedding reception venue and had arranged to have a trial meal to taste the various menu options – 8 pm on Saturday 28th March 2009.

My partner works all the hours god sends and more, so he was working during the day so he could actually spend that evening with me to test the menus.  Off he’d gone to work in the morning and I’d planned on having a lazy day at home (those were the days!!).  Suddenly it occurred to me, that ‘something’ hadn’t arrived.  I was ‘late’, I’m never ‘late’ for anything – my body knows me very well.  I checked, and re-checked my diary – yep, my period was 4 days late.  I couldn’t be??? Could I????  I had to know so off I went to the Chemist for the kit – home I went for a *** and there it was CLEAR BLUE almost immediately.  I kept staring at it, expecting it to disappear but it didn’t.  That feeling – I will never forget, happy, scared, running around the bedroom, OMG, back to the diary – when would I be due?? End November/Beginning December – oh well, won’t be buying the figure-hugging wedding dress I’d been contemplating then!!!

How to tell my partner?  Not over the phone.  That meant waiting ALL day, it nearly killed me.  He was late home, he always is! So was rushing around getting ready to go out for our trial wedding meal.  In the end, I just put the tester in front of him; being a man he just looked at me rather blankly, and then it hit home 🙂

We were both so happy, couldn’t believe it, on cloud 9, we grinned our way through the entire meal, I couldn’t taste the wine selection (bummer!).  The staff must have thought we were on drugs, it was just the best day ever (at that point anyway!) and my first Magic Moment with ‘bump’.

21 thoughts on “Magic moments – where it all began

  1. Awww, it’s so special. I think I’ve had my partner waiting outside the door each time I’ve done a positive pregnancy test – but not when I’ve done them and they’ve been negative! That must say something 😀

    1. Yep truly memorable. I’ve only ever had to do 2, both were positive, sadly the second one wasn’t meant to be forever. Makes my bump that became a Monkey extra special to me 🙂

  2. Aw lovely post and glad to have found your blog 🙂 I remember that day like it was yesterday. So special xx

  3. The first time, I was walking through town and just had a ‘lightbulb’ moment of realisation – I was 3 days late and, like you, never ever late! I dived in to superdrug to buy a test, home, did it, big fat positive…..only slight hitch…..husband away in the Caribbean for work for 3 weeks and I was flying out to meet him in a week! After me worrying all the way to America about scanner machines and altitude, my husband guessed a week later in the passport control queue at Miami Airport!

    The second time, i had just found out a close friend was pregnant again and she asked if we were thinking about trying again. I said “not yet…..but now that you mention it I am a few days late. Again”. I bought a test, did it, stood at the top of the stairs and shouted “oh s*$@, guess what!” to my husband who was downstairs with our 10mth old son……we are definitely done now!!!

  4. That’s my birthday! Lovely post Mary. I wish i knew what date I found out I was pregnant with Bud. I know it was July 2009. With Little Miss I tested on my MiL’s birthday so I’ll never forget that one!

  5. Lovely story… I found out I was expecting our little bundle 2 days after you… 🙂

    MH xxx

  6. Ah bless! It’s so special when you find out. I remember it so so well. Utterly delighted! 🙂

  7. what an amazing magicmoment….I think its these moments that we will never forget they stay so fresh in our minds…fab to read x

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