It’s amazing Mummy! #MagicMoments

My son is not the most confident little chap, he takes a while to suss out new environments and is normally to be found attached to my leg!Ā  He likes the swings, but has very little interest in the slide, and zero interest in climbing frames and soft play centres – just not his idea of fun.

If we go anywhere with a fun fair he normally runs in the opposite direction; doesn’t like the noise or crowds – fair enough, he’s only little and it’s keeping the pennies in my pocket!

Anyway, we recently went to the local school fete, we tried our hand at the tombola – rubbish šŸ™ and had a walk around the stalls and admired the local Fire Engine from afar.

I suddenly realised that he was transfixed by the little fun fair, and in particular the Spinning Tea Cups. I asked him if he’d like to go on them, fully expecting him to say ‘no way Mummy!’, but instead he said ‘yes, Yellow one Mummy!’ Wow, this was a turn-up for the books, and I asked him again if he really wanted to go on it, and told him that once we were on, we would have to stay on, for the duration of the ride.Ā  He seemed happy with that idea.

So we queued and he was a boy on a Mission – no one was having that Yellow Tea Cup but him and his Mummy!Ā  We got on, paid our money, and sat back (me nervously praying that he wouldn’t start crying as soon as we started to move!).

I was so proud and surprised, he had a ball – in fact in his own words ‘Mummy, it’s AMAZING!’ Which he kept repeating for the duration of the ride šŸ™‚ Mummy, it's AMAZING!

Another lovely #MagicMoment with my son, who never ceases to AMAZE me šŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “It’s amazing Mummy! #MagicMoments

  1. I love your ‘magic moments’ posts. A lovely way to remember those small but perfect moments which might so easily be forgotten in months or years to come.

      1. We haven’t been but think our 2 boys would love it – will try and see if I can make a plan for the holidays x

        1. It’s definately worth a visit, he went on more than I thought he would last year really. They have a bit of a zoo (bit run down) and some other rides on the main park that youngsters can go on. Just praying for dry weather x

  2. Oh, how brilliant! My oldest can be very cautious, I’m always so pleased when he tries something new. Popping over from #magicmoments and #ssamazingachievments !

  3. What a lovely moment, and so nice that he decided that he wanted to go on the ride. We love spinning tea cups in our house.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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