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Making a mess on the carpet – AD gifted items

disclosure:  we were reimbursed for the materials used for this post

We’ve all dropped something on the carpet by accident, haven’t we?  I know I’ve dropped wine, tea and nail varnish on the carpet over the years. Then you have the stress of getting the carpet clean again! So imagine my delight when More Th>n said they’d be happy for me to be making a mess on the carpet!!

More Th>n recently teamed up with the award-winning artist Ed Chapman to create the world’s first carpet art.

As Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory was voted the greatest British sporting achievement of 2013, the carpet artwork depicts the moment Murray lifted the Wimbledon trophy – the materials used include red wine, beer, coffee, paint, burn marks and loads more.

making a mess on the carpet, #carpetartResearch revealed that 35% of Brits have spilt or knocked food, drinks and other substances onto their carpets while getting over excited watching sport on TV.

Well, I can imagine that’s been me at the end of one or two Grand Prix seasons – certainly the year that Felipe Massa had won the world championship for all of a couple of minutes!

So More Th>n set me a challenge – making a mess on the carpet with the usual ‘stain paints’ you have to deal with.

making a mess on the carpet, #carpetart DSC00424










I decided that my ‘stain paints’ would be a bottle of Rose wine, some foundation, blue nail varnish, red lipstick and grey eye shadow.  I also used a black marker pen.

I’m no Rembrandt, Picasso or Chapman, but I had a bit of fun this morning creating some of my own #carpetart, making a mess on the carpet with More Th>n


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