Making Christmas memorable with ELC

Making Christmas memorable with ELC #ComeAndPlay

As we get ever closer to the big day later this month, Monkey and I have been talking about my Christmas’s as a child and the traditions we had.  Very much like Monkey, we always spent Christmas Day at home, just the four of us.  We’d see my Granny and Gramps earlier in December and have two Christmas’s. My brother and I both had Santa sacks and we’d be so excited to see if Father Christmas had visited.  There was a mince-pie and a little tipple left out for him as we went to bed on Christmas Eve.  It was always a magical time, just as it is for Monkey now.  We’ll be making Christmas memorable with ELC as well this year, thanks to a special delivery that arrived recently.

Making Christmas memorable with ELC

There are toys that we all remember with fond memories aren’t there.  For me, growing up in the 1970’s, a lot of my favourite toys have come back into favour now with a bit of 21st century remodelling.  From Tiny Tears, Sindy and Barbie to Spirograph and Etch A Sketch, I had hours of fun over the Christmas period. My blackboard was a prized possession, even after I’d tried to use Mum’s lipsticks as chalks (don’t try that at home!)

Trains have always been part of family life for me too.  I can remember my brother having the original Thomas the Tank Engine books, and we both loved spending time with Dad in the garage, with his Hornby train set.  Now, over 40 years later, my reading Thomas & Friends books with Monkey and he is always playing with trains!  From Trackmaster, to his wooden train set, trains have featured heavily in Monkey’s childhood.  Now he spends time in our garage with his Dad playing with their Hornby sets.  The memories have gone full circle.

Christmas is such a wonderful time, seeing it through the eyes of a child, makes the whole experience so much more magical.  From leaving reindeer food in the garden, and a mince-pie and a carrot out on the kitchen table, to putting Monkey’s stocking by the side of his bed, he’ll be in his element again this year.  Then on Christmas morning, there are bound to be squeals of delight as I get woken to be told that Father Christmas has been. Then the whirlwind of present opening will begin, we’ll share the experience with his grandparents again via Skype no doubt.  A day of building Lego, Playmobil and K’Nex is likely to be in store for us this year, along with lots of imaginative play as Monkey gets to know his new toys.  Time together, having fun with lots of smiles, exactly as I remember it from my own childhood.  Exactly as it should be.

We’ll be Making Christmas memorable with ELC, and Monkey’s new Thomas & Friends Trackmaster set – Thomas and Percy’s Railway Race Set.  He loves the new streamlined Thomas and Percy is his favourite train, so it’s been a big hit here.

With this train set Monkey can pit himself against an opponent as they choose either Thomas or Percy to back for the race of the year.  Hold them on the rolling road, release and let them zoom around the track, the bridge swings open and the fireworks go off as the winner receives the chequered flag.  You can imagine how much this train obsessed little boy loves this train set can’t you.

What toys do you remember from your childhood?  Do you have vivid memories of Christmas as a child?  I’d love to hear about them.  ELC are encouraging us all to talk about our childhood memories of Christmas and the toys we played with, and to create new memories with our children today.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for this post.  My comments remain my own as usual.

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