Making life easier in the kitchen

Making life easier in the kitchen

Now you all know that I’m a techno dinosaur, I’m not a great one for gadgets full stop.  Our television is very old but we’ll keep it until it dies probably, we obviously don’t have HD, or even widescreen!  Even in the kitchen I’m not known for having the latest ‘must have’ gadget.  I’d love a Kitchen Maid food mixer, but I don’t really have the space for it, so I’ll make to with my little electric hand mixer I’ve had for twenty years!  But I have been making life easier in the kitchen over the last year with two different gadgets!

Firstly, I finally invested in a slow cooker.  I did have one when I was married before, but my ex was the cook in our house so I left it with him.  I still need to make more meals with it – this involves being more organised and planning ahead more!

Making life easier in the kitchen

But using a slow cooker is a real way of making life easier in the kitchen.  I’m in London today for an event. Rather than worrying about cooking a meal when I get home, I can just set the slow cooker going in the morning and it’ll be done in time for dinner.  Easy, stress free – job done.  Although Daddy P always worries when anything is left running when the house is empty!  But that’s why we have home insurance isn’t it?

Next up for making life easier in the kitchen was the arrival of our fab Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

Making life easier in the kitchen

I do love a Cappuccino but with all the coffee machines I’ve tried over the years I’ve never been able to made a nice one.  All that changed the day my new machine arrived, no need to froth milk separately, quick and easy coffee with no mess.

The Dolce Gusto also makes a mean Chococino, keeping Monkey supplied in the best hot chocolate he’s tasted.  A happy Monkey and a happy Mummy.  Quick and easy drinks, giving me the extra time to spend doing other things!

Making life easier in the kitchen is all about saving me time.  What gadgets do you have to make your life easier?

disclaimer:  I have been compensated for this post, but my comments remain my own thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Making life easier in the kitchen

  1. Two kitchen gadgets that we love, though we have a different brand of coffee machine. I don’t even like coffee but the hot chocolate is amazing! As for the slow cooker, love a slow cooked dinner.

  2. I did have a slow cooker but I didn’t like it so I gave it to my father in law. I also had a coffee machine but I gave that away too LOL! I would love a kitchen aid though for when we make cakes. And a microwave would be handy too.

  3. I’ve been a nightmare for gadgets in the past. I had a smoothie maker (pain to clean, only used a few times). Then for wedding gifts, steamer (only used once – although both my sister in laws use theirs all the time), breadmaker (used a lot at the beginning but was an old one with the hole in the bread type, until the OH moaned and said he wasn’t keen on the bread, grrr) and ice cream maker (great, but a pain to keep it cold in the freezer in readiness for using it so rarely used).

    I do use the George Foreman a lot, but the plates don’t come out so it’s a pain to clean. Would love to upgrade it. I also love my nutribullet (easy to keep out for ease of use). And I now have a 7 egg boiler – wanted one to make different types of egg, but OH bought what he spotted first so it just boils, but it is brilliant. Love it to do a batch of eggs for the week for lunch/snacks for work.

    We do have a Kenwood chef – another wedding present. Ugly white thing, not like the gorgeous Kitchenaids, thanks to it being a grandparent tradition. The OH uses it, I hate it because it sends flour dust everywhere – I prefer to do cakes by hand. My favourite is my little chopper/mixer – great for making breadcrumbs and chopping nuts, hand blender (if I ever made soup, but good for making puree/pastes from fruit for cakes, and hand mixer/whisky think – which cost under a tenner from Tesco about 15 years ago and still going strong.

    We have an aga so the OH thinks we wouldn’t need a slow cooker, but with the aga, you still need to brown and prep the food before hand, then get it up to temperature in the top oven before moving it down to the bottom oven. I don’t have time for that in the morning, so a slow cooker would be good. There’s just nowhere to store it (despite us having a larder)

  4. I’ve had all sorts of gadgets I have never used and ended up getting rid of! The only one that has really stuck is my slow cooker though I don’t use that as often as I used too! I would love a coffee machine for making hot chocolate but it seems a waste to have one just for that!

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