Making the most of long summer evenings in the garden

Making the most of long summer evenings in the garden

One of the best things about summer is that you can enjoy the lighter evenings by spending more time outside in the garden. Granted the weather might put pay to some evenings (most evenings?) but there will no doubt be a handful of nice nights you can spend outside rather than cowering away inside from the inclement weather. Here are some ways you can make the most of those long summer evenings…

Get some people round

Summer is the perfect opportunity to have some of your friends and family round for a bit of a garden party. Of course you can invite people round any time of the year, but doing so during the summer is a bit special. Also, having both the house and the garden available in which people can congregate means you can potentially invite more people round. A BBQ is always a popular option, although even just a simple buffet is great for ensuring everyone’s fed.

Making the most of long summer evenings in the garden

Garden lighting

You might think that putting lighting in the garden defies the point somewhat, but the light will begin to fade at some point, so having some nice lighting will ensure you can stay out a little longer and will also make your garden look amazing. These outdoor lanterns will really make your garden look special and are pretty easy to hang up and take down.


Even though the evenings may be longer, it can still get a little chilly when the sun goes down, so you might want to consider some sort of heating. If you want to splash the cash a little then a patio heater is a very worthwhile investment and can really make you feel all cosy even when the temperature drops. For a slightly cheaper option, a chiminea would work a treat too.

Alfresco dining

It’s a common occurrence on the continent but less so here in the UK for obvious reasons, but alfresco dining can be put back on the menu during the summer. As we mentioned earlier, a BBQ is a summer favourite whether you’re having a party or there’s just a couple of you, but just taking your dinner and eating it in the garden is enjoyable enough. And enjoying a sunny summer evening just wouldn’t be the same without a nice glass of something in your hand. Some nice white wine, cider or Pimms is always a great choice for summer as they’re a little fruitier and work well with all sorts of food.

Making the most of long summer evenings in the garden

Playing games with the kids

Obviously the kids will still have their bedtimes but the longer evenings mean you can spend a little longer playing outside with them. Whether it’s a kick around with a football, a game of tennis or even a water fight, the kids will love the opportunity to spend more time outside playing rather than being stuck indoors.

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  1. We like nothing more than having friends over on Summer evenings, sitting in the garden with a glass of wine. Bliss! x

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