Mattress comfort for Monkey

Mattress comfort for Monkey

Mattress comfort for MonkeyI’ve been thinking about when to change Monkey into a single bed for a while, as I’ve previously discussed.  He’s got a lovely pine toddler bed, but at some point I need to move him to a big boy’s bed.  I’m pretty sure that we’ve decided on the kind of bed we want to get him now.  So I need to start thinking of mattress comfort for Monkey.

Monkey has had the same mattress from birth, we were given a cotbed by one of his godmum’s and I bought the best mattress I could find at the time.  I knew it would need to last a few years, it has a removable top layer with a waterproof protector – great for the various accidents we’ve had since Monkey arrived.  I also wanted something that would be comfortable for him and mean we both slept well!  The protector layer was also anti allergen which is also something I’d want again.

Now I need to think again about mattress comfort for Monkey.  This mattress will need to last Monkey for some time.  It’s not that long ago that we bought ourselves a new Kingsize mattress and I remember trying to decide between memory foam or pocket sprung etc.  We decided upon a pocket sprung mattress and I’ve had no regrets, so I think I’d go for the same option for Monkey. John Lewis have a really comprehensive guide to buying a mattress and it’s helped me make some decisions with regards to mattress comfort for Monkey.

Mattress comfort for MonkeySomething like this mattress would be ideal, pocket sprung, medium-firm to offer support and its quilted.  I’m happy to turn and rotate Monkey’s mattress (not so keen on doing that with a Kingsize!). It’s got a decent depth to it, too.

Now as I’ve already mentioned that Monkey currently has a removable top layer to his mattress with anti-allergen protection and it’s waterproof.  I’m lucky, Monkey went dry at night ages ago, all by himself.  But very occasionally, if he’s poorly, he has the odd accident.  So if I’m looking at long-term mattress comfort for Monkey, then I’d still like waterproof protection along with the anti-allergen protection.

Mattress comfort for MonkeySomething like this protector would be ideal – it completely encases the mattress and has a zip fastening.  It’s also breathable so Monkey wouldn’t get too hot with it on top of his mattress.  It would be comfortable for him, whilst offering me the reassurance that his mattress won’t be ruined by the rare mishap. A win win situation!

How have you gone about deciding on single bed mattresses for your children?

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