Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas #CountryKids

Last year we took Monkey to Didcot Railway Centre on a Days Out with Thomas event. Having his birthday so close to Christmas meant we could turn it into a birthday treat.  He loved every minute of it.  What to do for his birthday this year?  He still loves Thomas, he definitely still loves trains so I checked the dates for this year.  Bingo, the weekend before his birthday.  Tickets booked – for Monkey’s 5th birthday treat he would be meeting Thomas and Father Christmas at Didcot again.

I didn’t tell him anything about it.  The night before we went I asked him, if he could go anywhere for a treat where would he like to go?  Without getting on a plane that is (to avoid the no I’m sorry we can’t go to Granny’s disappointment).  I’d like to go to Didcot Mummy.  Really? Yes Mummy, phew!  Bless him, when I showed him the tickets he didn’t believe me.  Honestly Monkey, that’s where we’re going in the morning.

So off we went with our very excited soon to be 5 year old son.

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

We’d booked a morning time slot this time and I was surprised that the massive car park was as empty as it was.  It’s pay and display which is a bit of a pain, but once we’d sorted our ticket, Monkey was off.  He knew we had to go over a big bridge to cross the mainline railway and right on cue a train went zooming past.

We had a bit of time before our timed Thomas ride so we had a ride on the Steam Railmotor to start the day off.

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

Then the boys were off in search of the engine sheds.

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

But who should we spot along the way!

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

We walked through the engine shed and saw some carriages being renovated – it was quite fascinating.

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

Monkey was hungry so we decided a quick trip to the cafe was in order before our train ride.  It was quite early so Daddy P and I opted for a mince-pie and hot drink, whilst Monkey had a cheese sandwich.  Apparently it was heaving by lunchtime proper so I’m glad we went early.

Then it was time to queue for our Thomas train ride.  We were at the front with another family and the children were all very excited.

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

I love the fact that Monkey was just as excited this year as he was last year, even though he knew what to expect.  Just lovely.

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

We got in our carriage and off we went, we were heading for a meeting with the big man himself!  Father Christmas and the Fat Controller were waiting for us.

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

I wondered how Monkey would react to meeting Father Christmas a year on.  Last year he wouldn’t go near him or talk to him, let alone have his photo taken with him by himself.

This year Monkey was so excited as we waited for our turn to meet Father Christmas.  Is he in there Daddy?

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

Before we knew it, it was our turn.  What a difference a year makes.  Monkey was very quietly spoken, but there were high fives exchanged and a little chatter.

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

Then this happened and I nearly cried.  For my little, shy Monkey to sit with Father Christmas by himself – wow and SMILE!  That’s a big step forward.  It was magic, just magic.

Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas

The Father Christmas was wonderful, I was really impressed and when I bumped into Emma and N from Bubbablueandme, she said the same thing.

It marked the start of a magical birthday week for my Monkey son, and that picture will stay with me for a very long time.

After our visit with Father Christmas it was time for some more train action obviously.

We’d had an action packed day, another great visit to Didcot Railway Centre and a fab time meeting Thomas and Father Christmas.  It’s not the cheapest day out, but I figure you see Thomas, Father Christmas and there are lots of trains and activities, so for us it’s a bargain.  Monkey loved every minute.

10 thoughts on “Meeting Thomas and Father Christmas #CountryKids

  1. Oh my goodness! Potato would love this! He was a little dubious when we met Father Christmas this year, but I think we managed to get a photo of them together. Not sure he’s smiling though! Love that pic of Monkey with him 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! Your little monkey is certainly looking like a big boy now. How time flies 😉 Have a lovely Christmas and happy new year, from our little family to yours 🙂 #countrykids.

  3. This looks super!! We have been to one, when the twins were quite little, but not at Christmas! Oh how lovely. My twins love Thomas and so would love this again, now that they are a little older. Looks like a nice day. #countrykids Jess x

  4. This looks like a fabulous day out for little ones who love Thomas. It’s great that you managed to guess right on what it was he’d want to do for his birthday. It’s great that not only was it Thomas Day but you got to meet Santa too, I bet that’s a magical experience. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  5. Great pics with Santa. He must be exhausted talking to all the children coming through all day.
    I think the price is really good given it’s a full day of activities, when some places you’ll pay not much less for just the grotto part.

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