Menopause and me - the missed period hat-trick

Menopause and me – the missed period hat-trick

Menopause and me – the missed period hat-trick

Is this cause for celebration I ask myself?  I’ve just missed my third period, the third one this year, January, July and now September.  Yes, I am obsessed with dates, I like to know where I stand with things and this situation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Each time I’ve missed the monthly joy, I’ve looked at the boxes of Super Plus Tampax stacked up in the bathroom and wondered if they were money wasted.  Could this finally be the end?  Clearly by everything I’ve read on-line, no.  I won’t be past the peri-menopause stage until I’ve not had a period for two whole years.  Not time to get the banners out just yet it would seem.

So I’m in limbo, and it’s a total pain in the backside, to be frank.  I still get all the pains I would associate with my warning signals that something was about to start.  But again nothing materialised this month.  But I have to be on constant guard for an unexpected arrival.  Just in case I have one of those periods where I need to change clothes every couple of hours.

Menopause and me - the missed period hat-trick

I was out all day at Blog On at the weekend and I just couldn’t relax, just in case, I had to make a mad dash to the nearest toilets.  This weekend I’ll be spending a lot of time on the motorways of the south-east and again who knows if and when I might need to make a pit stop.  My bag has supplies to cover all eventualities, travelling light is not an option.  When will my next period arrive?  October, November, maybe August was my last.  Who knows.

So apart from the irregular period issue, I’ve been thinking of other peri-menopausal symptoms I’ve been experiencing.  Mood swings, tears, a short temper, inability to get to sleep, hot flushes which for someone who normally always cold, are a very strange experience.  I’ve not had the night sweats that other friends suffer with, as yet anyway.  A friend mentioned numb fingers last weekend, something she and her friends have been experienced.  So have I! Especially in my fingertips.  Apparently it’s a thing.  A peri-menopausal thing. My memory seems to have crumbled to dust and sometimes I really have to talk something through a few times before it sinks in.  Not always ideal when you’re learning a new job.

For me, tiredness, morning, noon and night is the killer right now.  By early evening I’m done in, it’s pointless turning on the laptop, my brain is fried. I still need to make an appointment to get myself checked over by the doctor, just in case he has a magically remedy to give me a second wind after the afternoon school run!

So that’s where I am with menopause and me.  How about you?

5 thoughts on “Menopause and me – the missed period hat-trick

  1. Ooh Mary – snap. I’ve missed the last 3 months now. It’s definitely been hovering for the last 4 years and now I’m wondering if this is it. Twice I’ve told my doctor and they aren’t interested, and I don’t have relatives to speak to, so the only information I’m getting is from Google and people like you. I also get the numb fingers and had no idea it was related!!

  2. There is a great book out now by Dr Louise Newson, info on her website –

    Its all new to me as well, but as I am young to be menopausal I was put straight on HRT. It is amazing the difference it makes even to symptoms you didn’t realise you had. I would take a look at her website and go armed to the Dr with some of her info as you are having more symptoms than I did.

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