Messing around in the Garden

I had intended on writing a post for Magic Moments about when my son was very little, but today has changed my mind.

My son’s Daddy works very long hours and we only normally get to see him properly on Sunday’s.  A Bank Holiday Monday is a special treat as Daddy P is home for most of the day and has had a full night’s sleep – so he is wide awake for us – a rare event.

We decided to stay at home today and do some jobs in the garden.  There were shrubs that needed to be taken out in the front and back garden’s, a sandpit to construct and fill (more on that later in the week), plants and seeds to be watered.

It was just nice to see my son follow his Daddy around and just enjoy his company.  Wherever Daddy P went, he and his lawnmower were never far behind.  When it came to watering his newly planted seeds Daddy P got the hose out and my son thought he was a fireman – it was so funny.

Kids in the garden

So my magic moment is actually a Magic Monday, a magic day, where my son got to spend some quality time with his Daddy 🙂


14 thoughts on “Messing around in the Garden

  1. what a really beautiful #magicmoment honey i am so pleased Monkey got some extra quality time with his Daddy xx

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments xx

  2. Aw Mary what a really lovely Magic Moment, this is a really special one. I love it. It’s so lovely watching them potter with their daddy’s. I love your pictures too x

  3. That’s so lovely. I love to see my son and his Dad playing or just doing things together, it doesn’t happen very often as he works all week so it makes it so special when they can doesn’t it.

  4. That sounds blissful to me,I’m glad Monkey got to spend time with his daddy and wasn’t the weather lovely!A proper nice sunny bank holiday! #pocolo

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