MijasAs you know my parents live in Spain and we recently spent a week with them.  I’ve visited them a number of times over the last 9 years and have visited a number of towns and cities in Andalucia during that time.  It was Daddy P’s birthday while we were away, so we pulled out my Dad’s road atlas – where could we go for the day?  We decided on a trip to Mijas as it was somewhere that none of us had been to.  So off we set down to the coast, past Fuengirola and up into the hills.

It was a glorious sunny day with temperatures hitting 30 degrees – lovely!  Mijas is one of the famed White Villages of Andalucia, and although touristy, it still retains its charm.

It took us about 2 hours to drive there from my parents house, so we all agreed that we should stop for a cafe con leche and cake to celebrate Daddy P’s birthday, before we set off exploring.

Trip to MijasWe then popped into the Tourist Information Centre and picked up a free map of Mijas, with a suggested walking route.  We were off on our tour of Mijas.

A big tourist draw in Mijas are the Donkey Taxis – although at EUR10 we decided to give that a miss and use our feet instead.

MijasWe started at the El Compas view-point with stunning views down to the coast and the Shrine of the Virgin of the Rock.

MijasThere’s a lovely little garden with fountains that Monkey thought were great. Especially when he realised he could splash Granny!

MijasWe then meandered through the picturesque streets on our way to the Plaza de Toros.  I love the bull rings I’ve seen so far in Andalucia – each one is different from the next.  We were not to be disappointed with the Mijas Bull Ring either.

MijasThis was Monkey’s first experience of a bull ring – he was rather bemused by the place, but enjoyed climbing up to the top seats and watching Gramps pretend to be a matador.

Behind the bull ring we found some more cliff top gardens – with more stunning views. Beautifully tiled fountains and picturesque churches.  I’m a sucker for architecture of all forms so I was in my element.

The houses of Mijas are all beautifully kept and the narrows lanes reminded me of Greece and Tunisia.  We had a wonderful time exploring Mijas in the wonderful sunshine.

We stopped for lunch, Albondigas was a must for me (Spanish meatballs) – I just love them! After lunch we continued our walk around Mijas before heading back to the car.  As the weather was so great and Monkey seemed to be on good form we decided to extend our day out with a trip to Puerto Banus, but more of that later in the week.

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  1. How exciting to pick up a map and explore some place new! Looks like a beautiful place and glad you had a great time 🙂

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