MoneySupermarket’s Big Night In #MSMbignightin – AD paid post

When MoneySupermarket offered me £50 to have a Big Night In and show what you can do for that amount, I just knew what my Big Night In had to be.

As you’ll know from previous posts I have a wonderful group of friends that I met during my NCT classes when I was pregnant with my son nearly 4 years ago. We meet up with the kids every week and at some point, many moons ago we decided that we also needed some kiddie free time together.  As Daddy P works awful hours and is never around in the evenings, we decided that the easiest thing to do would be to have a takeaway night at my house.  We do this every month, we’ve included 3 baby showers in the mix and always have a great evening.

That was the case until last month when things didn’t quite go to plan. There are normally five of us at our girls night, but one couldn’t make it last month.  I was in the Living Room ordering our food whilst my friends were in the Kitchen organising drinks.  One of our group, J, has a young baby and baby wears and wanted a cup of tea.  All I heard was smashing glass ……. she’d been looking for a mug in one of the cupboards and a few glasses fell out and smashed in front of her (thankfully baby E was having a cuddle with one of the girls), she gasped and was convinced she’d inhaled a shard of glass.

You can imagine the scene, I had no idea what had happened, J is panicking over the sink, gagging and A and L are trying to decide what to do.  We tried 111, our local emergency NHS number, but they go through a script of questions (necessary I know, but we needed a quick response), so A offered to take J and baby E to our Cottage Hospital for a check over.  En route, 111 called them back and told them to divert to A&E, the nearest being a 25-minute drive away.

So L and I were left holding the curry!  We dished our meal up and put the rest in my oven to keep warm. We received a phone call from A saying they were waiting for triage, we kind of knew they’d never be back for their meal, triage referred J to see a consultant and that was it, our evening together was blown.

A and J with baby E, finally got home about 1 am the following morning.  Luckily, x-rays picked up nothing and J has been fine.  Just a freaky accident, which could have been so much worse.


So, the only thing to do was to make up for last month’s disastrous evening and start again.  Unfortunately one of the gang had suffered a tummy bug with her family so had to miss the night.  We ordered an Indian meal from one of our favourite restaurants to be delivered.  As a bonus, they provide a free bottle of wine! I’d bought a bottle of wine and some soft drinks to get us started. All ready for our big night in

While we waited for our food to be delivered we had a good old catch up on the month’s events, and a few laughs. Baby E joined us for the evening, and after having his milk he decided that our gossip wasn’t quite to his liking and he promptly fell asleep. Catching up before our food arrived

Also, the newest member of the Royal Family was due to make an appearance at any moment.  We checked the internet, no announcement had been made so we had a little sweepstake:

Me – Girl, Victoria, 7lb 6oz
L    – Boy, Arthur, 6lb 8oz
J    – Girl, Caroline, 7lb 3oz
A   – Girl, Alexandra, 7lb Dinner is served

Food! and drinks 🙂 Cheers everyone

We didn’t need to buy any other entertainment – we enjoy each others company and can keep each other entertained all night for free.

But if that hadn’t been the case we’d have hired a DVD for a chick flick evening.  On previous evenings we’ve played a few fun games – we’ve all provided photos of us and our partners as babies, put them in a bag and then had to guess who is who – this is a really funny thing to try, and again, it’s free.  We’ve also played guess the meanings of first and surnames, pin the nappy pin on the baby (our version of pin the tail on the donkey).

Thankfully there were no drama’s and we all had a good evening.  We decided to find out if our future King or Queen had arrived …..

A boy, 8lb 6oz – L was our King winner but we all failed miserably on the weight!  As I write this we’re still waiting for an announcement of his name.  This was a lovely way to finish off our evening, after all, we all met through having babies of our own!


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