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Monkey gets an Award

I could not be any prouder of Monkey right now.  He’s coped with the move to Year One so much better than I could ever have hoped for.  Yes, he had a few wobbles along the way, and I still get ‘I don’t want to go to school’ every morning.  But something wonderful is happening with him at school, he seems to be coming out of his shell, trying new things and involving himself in class.  This week has seen another step forward as Monkey gets an Award.

The Year One/Two teachers have given us their emails so we can discuss any issues, concerns etc in private.  It’s a great idea as far as I’m concerned as I’ve never been keen on grabbing a teacher at the classroom door.  There are times when I also think things are best discussed without the child being present.  I want to build Monkey’s confidence, not crush it, so a little behind the scenes chat works well.

I had a lovely email from his teacher over the weekend telling me how well he’d settled in class and that he was really starting to believe in himself.  Apparently he is really showing a skill for maths – doesn’t get that from his mother! He is really trying hard and willing to have a go at new things.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to hear that.

On Friday Monkey came home with the class mascot for the weekend, Crazy Bananas (you might have spotted him in my 365 post (not staged at all).  Daddy P had picked Monkey up from school whilst I was at the Blenheim Horse Trials, but Monkey was doing well and this was his reward.

Project 365 2015 Week 38

He was so chuffed to have been picked to share his weekend adventures with Crazy Bananas and I was thrilled for him.  Monkey was certainly sad when it was time to take him back this morning.

As part of this terms homework there are a number of options which involve standing up in front of the class, not something Monkey would do easily.  One of the options is to perform a magic trick, as Instagram followers will know, this is something he loves doing for me, but he’s refused to take his tricks into school.  An email conversation with his teacher and she’s come up with a plan already, a trick went to school yesterday and we will see, if by Friday he’s felt confident enough to perform in class.

On Monday he came running out of class, Mummy I’ve got lots of things to show you when we get home.  The first was his first attempt at sewing, and it looked fab, the second was just awesome, blooming marvelous and something I could never have imagined happening a few weeks ago.  Monkey gets an Award – the Achiever of the Week for Amazing Confidence and Perseverance.  My Monkey!

Monkey gets an Award

Can you tell how proud he is?  Almost as proud as his Mummy.  I’m sure there will be a few roller-coaster rides over the months ahead, but we can always refocus on this moment and remind ourselves that Monkey can do it.  He really can. All I want is for him to be happy at school and for others to see the chatty, funny, imaginative boy that I see at home. It looks as if he is starting to shine at school, his teacher has been wonderful with him so far, and I’m so much happier about what the future holds for us this school year.



10 thoughts on “Monkey gets an Award

  1. Well done Monkey 🙂 it’s lovely when they get something like that isn’t it? boosts their confidence no end. My daughter would love Crazy Bananas! she’s Minions mad 😀

  2. Sounds like he’s doing brilliantly! Lovely to see him starting to gain confidence. #SSAmazingAchievements

  3. Even the most perfect teacher can never know our children as well as we do. The good ones – and it sounds like you have one – do everything they can despite that to make sure our kiddos learn and thrive. That smile certainly looks like he’s thriving right now!

  4. Ah, well done, Monkey! Sounds like he’s really starting to come into his own now, so lovely to hear. Great idea about the emails, too, as I agree, I don’t like the chats at the door with the kids around either x

  5. Well done monkey, sounds like he is settling in really well. I love that school give certificate for achievements, its a real confidence boost for children #SSAmazingAchievements

  6. Well done Monkey! I’m so pleased he is enjoying school and starting to shine. I believe the teacher and the environment are key factors and it sounds like Monkey has really clicked in this class. I’m glad the teachers have given you their email address, we have Ethan’s teachers and it really does help to be able to contact them this way.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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