Monkey goes to the cinema

Monkey goes to the Cinema

I think we might have said just once or twice that Monkey is a rather big Postman Pat fan. I’d like to think there is some genetic thing going on and he’s remembering that his ancestors were postmen!  We also have our resident Jess in the form of Brewster don’t we.

Monkey has never been to the cinema.  Well, not to see a feature film anyway.  We had a disaster at Sealife in Birmingham a couple of years ago.  I’d forgotten about the 4D element of their cinema.  He screamed the place down and I had to do the frantic Mummy with elbow flailing everywhere to get him out of the packed room.  It took a year to persuade him he could watch a DVD on the TV – I kid you not.

When our local cinema opened last year I was looking forward to going to the Saturday Kids Club with Monkey.  No Mummy, no.  Then there was a Thomas film showing, no Mummy no.

So we left the whole cinema idea alone. We’d walk past the building, see posters but he showed no interest.  Then we went to meet Postman Pat in London and he saw the trailer for the new film.  Would you like to go and see the film at the cinema Monkey?  Ummm …… Well, it wasn’t a straight out no!

We’d see adverts for the film on TV and I talked about it.  Monkey said he’d like to see Postman Pat, he just wasn’t sure about a big screen or loud noises.  Ok, the screen will be fine, we can take earplugs and you can wear them if it’s too loud.  I don’t think it will be too loud though Monkey.

We decided to wait a week after the initial release date, I knew Monkey wouldn’t cope too well with a new environment that was packed full of excited children.  Daddy P was taking a few days off work so I booked tickets for Saturday and then silently panicked.  Would he be ok?  Would he freak out and never want to go to the cinema again?  He did have a few wobbles on Saturday morning, but I remained outwardly calm, it will all be fine Monkey.

We’ll gloss over the fact that Daddy P was meant to be home all day on Saturday, but had worked Friday night and only got home just in time to get to the cinema.


We made it! Monkey goes to the cinema for the first time.  Now lets hope we all survive the experience!  We picked up our tickets and I spotted a Postman Pat sticker book.  Here you go Monkey – sorted!


The lights dimmed, please let Postman Pat save the day!  The noise didn’t bother him at all, or the size of the screen.  He had a few wobbles with the Patbot Robots towards the end of the film.  Mummy I want to go home.  Why don’t you sit on my lap and turn your head away.  I’ll tell you when the scary Patbots have gone.  Don’t worry, it will be fine, Postman Pat won’t let anything bad happen will he.

We made it to the end of the film.  Well what did you think?  I liked it Mummy.  Would you like to come to the cinema again?  I’d like to see a Thomas film please Mummy!  Progress!


13 thoughts on “Monkey goes to the Cinema

  1. Well done Monkey! The first cinema experience can be overwhelming can’t it. Great that there was something on he loves so much. Fingers crossed next time will be just as enjoyable.

  2. Yay!! So sad that he had an awful experience at Sealife but so glad that he’s now able to sit through a movie x

  3. I didn’t bring my kids to cinema till they are 4! And they all love it now!
    Well done to monkey!

  4. Yay so glad it was a successful trip for you. I think 6yo was older when we took her for her first trip to the cinema.

  5. HIGH FIVE and that is just an awesome story so glad he liked postman pat i must take the girls

  6. This is fantastic news. I really miss going to the cinema, we took Ethan to a kids showing at Christmas but he wouldn’t sit still. They do autism showings but we are going to wait a little while longer. I’m so glad it went well, even if Monkey was a little nervous. Lets hope there is a Thomas film you can take him to soon.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  7. That’s brilliant. I remember when we took Mini to the cinema for the first time-she has trouble sitting put for feature length movies on TV so we were a little worried but she absolutely loved Despicable Me 2 on the big screen-the minions had a lot to do with this I think!She loved them!

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