Monkey got on a go-kart

Monkey got on a go-kart

Some children jump at every opportunity that comes their way, show no fear and just go for it.  My son, isn’t that child.  He’s missed some amazing experiences in the past.  Turning down the chance to stand on the footplate of his beloved A4 Pacific Bittern, steam train when it was in service, being the stand out moment.  He couldn’t be persuaded, and it really was a once in a lifetime chance.  But never mind.  He is the child he is, and he does everything on his own terms, in his own time. So when Monkey got on a go-kart on Saturday, I was gobsmacked to say the least.

We’d gone out for the afternoon with my friend L and her son C to a local farm centre.  There’s only 5 months between our boys, but they’re in different school years.  They get on really well and it seems that spending a bit of time with C is helping Monkey broaden his horizons at times.  We’d gone to Odds Farm last summer with them and then, Monkey could not be persuaded to join C on the go-karts at all. But on a chilly February afternoon, something rather surprising happened.  C had seen the go-karts and was there like a flash, finding a kart and off he went.  I hadn’t said a word to Monkey, totally expecting him to just stand and watch.  Before I knew what was happening, he was over the tyre barriers finding wheels of his own.

Monkey got on a go-kart

He struggled a little to start with as pedalling doesn’t come naturally.  He’s not been on his bike in months, and it’s actually really too small for him now too. So with me and L jumping over the barriers from time to time to give him a push, he began to get the hang of things and you could see that the frustrations were ebbing away, and being replaced with joy, pure joy.

We had other things to see and do at the farm, but returned to the track later in the afternoon, and Monkey got on a go-kart with not a moment’s hesitation.  This time, no help was needed and he was soon zooming around the track, speeding up and having so much fun.  His tongue was out, he was concentrating that much.

Monkey got on a go-kart

He even got to the stage where he was so confident he was waving to us as he passed.

Monkey got on a go-kart

Watching him clearly enjoy himself so much was just lovely.  Trying something new, all thanks to his friend C.  It was a really magical moment. A little speed demon has emerged and he’s already asking when we can go back again.

Monkey got on a go-kart

Monkey got on a go-kart and had so much fun.  Memories were made and it was all so unexpected.  Just lovely.  Of course we’ve got World Book Day tomorrow and that’s a whole different ball game.  He won’t dress up outside of home, and this year he’s going into school in his uniform, I’m not even trying to persuade him otherwise.  I’d much rather see him trying to set the fastest lap on a go-kart than dress up for school anyway.

Have your children done anything unexpected lately?

6 thoughts on “Monkey got on a go-kart

  1. I so love to read about your Monkey surprising you by stepping out of his comfort zone and having some fun. I think our Monkeys are so similar so it gives me hope my Monkey may surprise me in the future! Xx

  2. This is so lovely to read I can totally relate to how you feel when you get these surprises from Monkey. They are worth the wait aren’t they? I’m so glad Monkey enjoyed the go-karts, it looked like he had so much fun.

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  3. Having read your blog & know the small steps your Monkey is making, when I read this I know just how much a big deal it is!
    And it looks like he really is going for it, hasn’t got any qualms and is enjoying himself with his friends. Sometimes it takes other friends of siblings to push our little ones, sometimes it’s just their time to try things. Either way I know just how proud you are of his next step!
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