Monkey in the garden #CountryKids

Monkey in the garden #CountryKids

You may remember that we had a Sunflower growing competition here last year and Monkey grew his own veggies for the first time. I love seeing Monkey in the garden, he gets so excited planting things and watching them grow.  My parents would be very happy, I’m sure I wasn’t so keen at his age!

A month back we decided we’d be really organised this year.  Last year we were lucky enough to be sent seeds for reviews and challenges, this year Monkey got to pick exactly what he wanted.  It was great seeing him in our local garden centre.  Mummy I want sunflowers, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, onions (of the spring variety) and tomatoes please.  He did get a bit overwhelmed with the variety available bless him.  But he made his own decisions.  Monkey in the garden is very much in charge.

As we were so organised we started our sunflowers off indoors – they’ve been doing really well over the last 4 weeks.

Monkey in the garden Monkey in the garden

Monkey in the gardenNow it was time to get Monkey in the garden and to plant our sunflowers outside.  Daddy P is in the lead with one super tall sunflower, Monkey and I are neck and neck.  We have 3 sunflowers each.

Monkey in the garden

We dug some holes out and planted out our 9 sunflowers, the real battle has now begun! Watch out Daddy P we are coming for you!!

Monkey in the garden DSCN3138

Then it was time to sort out the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers that we’ve been growing in propagators.  They all need potting on, time to make use of our new greenhouse too!

Monkey in the garden   Monkey in the garden

Monkey in the garden

Monkey in the garden is a boy in charge, my job is purely to facilitate his needs.  He gets rather bossy!  No idea where there comes from.  He is 4 years old but he knows exactly what he needs to do.  I wish my parents were here to witness it, my Mum would be beside herself, another gardener in the family.

Once all the planting and labelling (I was allowed to write the labels, next year I’m sure he’ll be doing that himself too), it was time to give our sunflowers and veggies a good drink.

Monkey in the garden  Gently does it Monkey, don’t drown them!  No Mummy, I’ll be careful.

Monkey in the garden

Our next job is the veg patch.  I’ve cut away a horrible, shrub and Daddy P just needs to dig the roots out for us.  Then we will have Monkey in the garden sowing seeds in his veg patch.  His own little domain, his own bit of responsibility.  He can’t wait to get started. We’ll keep you posted on his progress.

We had loads of sunflower seeds left in the seed packet, so we took them into Monkey’s Nursery School this morning so all the children can grow a sunflower there this Spring.


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51 thoughts on “Monkey in the garden #CountryKids

  1. So lovely to see Monkey being enthusiastic with his gardening, my 2 love it too, although I’ve been a bit slack this year and not done much, wish we had better weather!

  2. Fun to see the sunflower race. I hope they grow big and strong. He obviously has a great interest in gardening. Long may it last. #CountryKids

  3. Gardening teaches little ones things they don’t learn in a classroom–like patience and the fact that they are part of a great process. Kudos to you and here’s hoping for some great sunflowers!

  4. I love how enthusiastic Monkey is helping out in the garden. I think it’s so important for kids to learn about plants and vegetables and watch (and help) them grow. Well done Monkey!

  5. Very impressive that he’s taking charge and seems to know exactly what he’s doing. Well done, Monkey!

  6. Well done Monkey, how wonderful he will have his own patch to take responsibility over. I think gardening with the kids is brilliant – they learn so much and it’s so nice to just be outside with them getting your hands mucky! I’ve been meaning to do a little planting and you’ve reminded me that it’s something I could do with my toddler this long weekend. Thank you x

  7. That’s so lovely. He’s definitely a gardener in the making. My daughter isn’t terribly keen but my son is so I’m hoping he’ll get more involved too. Being bossy has it’s advantages for adult life I reckon! 🙂

  8. Lovely to see how those Sunflowers are doing and the rest of the veg too. Monkey looks like he could become quite the little gardener. I feel so behind this year having cleared the greenhouse but not got any further. Your post has inspired me to do something about that now. Do keep updating us on the next stage on Country Kids.

  9. My kids like gardening too and they are much better at it than I am, we tried growing a sunflower the other week and sadly it just didn’t sprout, we are trying again now. #countrykids

  10. it is lovely to see kids getting so involved, Boo loves gardening, too, and planting up her seeds. I think watering is her favourite bit! Little Man just likes to dig everything back up again, so not entirely useful! Look forward to seeing the growth there!

  11. Looks great, we don’t have much space to grow veg in the garden so i’m very jealous. May have to get some planters though as this looks like so much fun. #countrykids

  12. Oh your Monkey is such a clever little thing – Green fingered already! I used to be the same as a child, always making something grow x

  13. We grew some sunflowers too…..but ended up planting them at my mums as my rabbit chews the stalks!

    It’s good to get kids into gardening!

  14. Aww bless him he just loves it! Brilliant that you’re having another sunflower competition, be interesting to see how that goes. Love that photo of Monkey doing the watering, just lovely. POD’s been doing that today albeit watering beds that need weeding!

  15. So lovely to see him enjoying the garden so much. We haven’t done any yet this year…

  16. So cute, I wish I had his enthusiasm! Feel free to send him over to do my garden if you like!

  17. Wow, your wee fella loves working in the garden, doesn’t he! Love seeing these sort of posts and I honestly wish I was better in the garden. #countrykids

  18. It certainly looks like you have been busy! It’s a great thing to share together isn’t it as they get so excited waiting for things to grow!

  19. Wow! I’m impressed! Your 4 year old has more staying power than either of my older ones.

    Fingers crossed all slugs and such stay away.

  20. Gardening is great fun, we must grow some sunflowers, the girls would love it. #countrykids

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