Monkey is 4 today

Monkey is 4 today

Today is a very special day!  Monkey is 4 today and my brothers eldest daughter N is 17, so all round, a special day for my family.

I’ve talked about Monkey’s arrival before, bless him it wasn’t the easiest entrance to make.  Making a call to my niece to tell her she was getting a special present for her birthday that year.

Monkey is 4So Monkey is 4 today.  He’s gone to Nursery School this morning with home-made cakes to share with his class.  Daddy P is finishing work in time to pick him up, and then the fun will begin.  Present opening, birthday cake, candle to blow out, Granny-cam with Granny and Gramps and dinner out at his favourite pizza establishment.

He wants to show Daddy P the Christmas Lights in town after dinner.  Special stories at bedtime and then the next chapter of his little life begins.  Monkey is 4 today, I wonder what the next year has in store for my wonderful little boy and his 17-year-old cousin.  One will start full time school, and the other will hopefully be at University!

Monkey is 4 todayHappy Birthday Monkey, Happy Birthday N – love you both xx

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