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Monkey met Postman Pat #PatMemories

Monkey met Postman PatWe had such a busy week during half term, but a definate highlight was when Monkey met Postman Pat last Friday.

We’d been invited to a special Postman Pat screening in central London. We caught the train to London and then went on the underground to Covent Garden.  After a lovely meal in Pizza Express in Bow Street, we made our way to the venue.  Monkey was beside himself.  I was rather nervous.  Monkey seems to have a cinema phobia, every time I mention going, he has a meltdown.  I’d told him a little white lie in the hope that Postman Pat could convince him that films were fine.  I’d told him the screening would be on a very small screen.  Naughty Mummy!

We were one of the first families to arrive, which suited us well.  It gave Monkey time to get used to his surrounding.  He can get quite unsettled in new places, especially if there are lots of people.

As we entered the screening room, Monkey met Postman Pat AND Jess the Cat.

Monkey met Postman PatHe was fine, he was one very happy little boy.  Now, this is Monkey, so there was no running up and jumping on Postman Pat.  There were no solo photo opportunities.  We had to have a family snap, but I don’t mind that, Postman Pat is a rather cool person to have your photo taken with!

Monkey met Postman PatPostman Pat is actually rather cheeky, and he had Monkey in stitches with his antics.  It was a great ice breaker for Monkey.  It was lovely to watch him relax and interact with one of his heroes.  We’ll have some wonderful #PatMemories from our time in London.

Monkey met Postman Pat Monkey met Postman Pat

So why had we been invited to London?  Well, Postman Pat is in his 30’s now (yes even he is younger than me – grits teeth!).  We got to view a few episodes from the new digitally enhanced original series from the 1980’s and 1990’s TV series.

Series One  – Postman Pat Takes a Message

Monkey met Postman PatThe DVD contains over 3 hours of the original TV series going right back to 1981.  The episodes featured are:

Postman Pat’s Finding Day
Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen
Postman Pat’s Birthday
Postman Pat’s Rainy Day
Postman Pat and the Sheep in the Clover Field
Postman Pat’s Tractor Express
Postman Pat’s Thirsty Day
Postman Pat’s Windy Day
Postman Pat’s Foggy Day
Postman Pat’s Difficult Day
Postman Pat Goes Sledging
Postman Pat’s Letters On Ice
Postman Pat Takes a Message
Postman Pat’s Finding Day

We got treated to Postman Pat’s Finding Day.  Would Monkey be concerned about the difference in footage, voices and overall pace of the older programmes?  No, not at all.  He just accepted it and sat glued to the screen.  He wasn’t even phased by it being a rather larger screen than I’d described.  Phew, Mummy was off the hook!

It was then on to Series Two – Postman Pat and the Big Surprise

Monkey met Postman PatAnother DVD crammed with 3 hours and 15 minutes worth of episodes:

Postman Pat and the Hole in the Road
Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour
Postman Pat in a Muddle
Postman Pat Misses the Show
Postman Pat Follows a Trail
Postman Pat Has the Best Village
Postman Pat Paints the Ceiling
Postman Pat Has Too Many Parcels
Postman Pat and the Big Surprise
Postman Pat and the Robot
Postman Pat Takes Flight
Postman Pat and the Beast of Greendale
Postman Pat and the Mystery Tour

Monkey thoroughly enjoyed watching Postman Pat in a Muddle – he broke his glasses and it caused quite a lot confusion.

We also got treated to some Special Delivery Service action from Series Two.

Monkey met Postman Pat
If we hadn’t been treated enough, we got to see the trailer for the upcoming Postman Pat Movie! The film is out towards the end of May, I really think we have now cracked the film phobia, I think this will be Monkey’s first movie experience in the cinema.  It looks fab!  Postman Pat even sings in the film with a little help from Ronan Keating no less.

We had a wonderful time and also got to catch up with Anna and her boys from In the Playroom again, as well at meeting the lovely family from The Beesley Buzz.

Do you have any special #PatMemories?

disclosure:  we were given the DVD’s mentioned at this free screening, so we could share their release with you, my readers.  My views as always, are my own honest opinions.



13 thoughts on “Monkey met Postman Pat #PatMemories

  1. It was great to watch Pat on the big screen, it’s definitely aged very well – doesn’t come across too dated at all in the old episodes. Was lovely to catch up with you too 🙂

  2. Monkey did so well – I would not have guessed he had cinema phobia if you hadn’t mentioned it. It was so great to meet you too – thank you for the mention! We’ve been glued to the DVDs since that day and Miss T keeps asking for ‘pat’ x

  3. Its lovely that they have brought back all the old postman pats. We used to watch them, and I think they are timeless somehow. A picture to treasure and you got to meet Jess as well Bonus!

  4. My toddler just loves Postman Pat, if I let him I’m sure he would watch the DVD’s for hours. Nice happy children’s programme. In our house he’s up there with Thomas and peppa pig

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