Monkey took the plunge

Monkey took the plunge

Monday saw us back to the swimming pool for Monkey’s swimming lessons.  I’ve been a bit unimpressed with the number of different teachers he’s had since we started swimming lessons earlier this year.  He isn’t a confident child and it takes a very long time for him to feel safe with other people.  This has really shown up in the pool.  If we go swimming he just grabs his woggle and he’s off.  It normally ends up around his tummy rather than under his armpits.  I’m sure he’d actually swim without it if he put his mind to it.  But, in his lesson he is totally different.  The confidence just isn’t there.

He will let the teacher or assistant hold one end of his float, he hardly kicks.  They don’t see what I see.  It’s quite frustrating at times.  But I have seen some improvement with him going on his back.  He cuddles a float, but his head is right back in the water now and his kicking is a bit more energetic.  He’s moving in the right direction with this.  Each week I can see his confidence growing.

This week, I got totally caught out with him and swimming on his front.  Monkey took the plunge and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He held onto his float and kicked off from the side all by himself.  He was off.  I had to look twice for it to register that it was my son.  I was so proud of him.  He didn’t get right across the pool, but he nearly did.  It was great, I was beaming with pride.  Hopefully this is the start of a more confident Monkey in the pool.  We’ll see.

Monkey took the plunge


24 thoughts on “Monkey took the plunge

  1. How fantastic, I am sure you are so proud! I am thinking of trying Zach with swimming lessons over the summer, seeing how much your son has enjoyed it makes me even more keen to send him. 🙂 x

    1. He had lessons as a baby then our pool closed for a year which was such a shame. As soon as it reopened this year we started again. I’m now having lessons myself, so hopefully we’ll both be swimming lengths one day!

  2. Obviously taking him swimming yourself has really paid off – go Monkey! Are you familiar with the #loudnproud linky? It opens tomorrow at 7am over at Secrets of the Sandpit this week if you fancy linking up 🙂

  3. Oh that’s brilliant – swimming is such an important life lesson. Well done Monkey for overcoming your shyness #SSAA

  4. How great that his confidence is growing, these things take time and with the right encouragement I’m sure he will be swimming confidently in no time at all!

  5. Well done!

    My eldest did swimming lessons for quite a while and his progress was quite sporadic until one day it suddenly all fell into place and now he’s coming along in leaps and bounds. Patience and support is all he needed – and when he was ready off he went.

  6. I can well imagine that you thought it might have been someone else’s child! What a sudden leap, did he mention anything in particular that had prompted him to suddenly go for it? My Boy is very cautious as well and has only just for the first time consented to actually going into the pool!

  7. As soon as they get the confidence to go under the water they are off. Mine have all been cautious swimmers, but it’s been the fear of going under water that always held them back. Ovce they got over that they took off and all three are cracking little swimmers, even my five year old is coming on really well.

    It is good to see your little one growing in confidence. Little things to is are big steps to them and it’s great for them to achieve things.

  8. That’s brilliant I am so pleased for you-and Monkey! Our little chap is enjoying the pool more and getting a bit braver each time, so fingers crossed he will be able to do this soon too. Really enjoying your blog. #SSAmazingAchievements

  9. This is fantastic. It’s amazing they always do new things when we are least expecting it! I really hope his confidence grows after this exciting moment.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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