Monkey's growing confidence

Monkey’s growing confidence

My son is never-ceasing to amaze me at the moment.  I’ve seen so many changes in him over the last few weeks, it’s been truly wonderful to witness Monkey’s growing confidence.

I helped at out school for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I made bread with two groups of children.  Monkey was in my first group, he was so proud that his Mummy was helping.  He didn’t cling to me and happily took turns and accepted that I was there to help all the children, not just him.  When it was time for him to leave me so I could help the second group, there was no fuss.  He did as he was told and off he went.  The next time I looked up, he was sat at a table with a group of boys, happily writing, drawing and chatting away.  Wow, that was so wonderful to see. My boy is settled, he’s happy and Monkey’s growing confidence is evident for all to see.

Last Tuesday we were invited to come into class so the children could show us their work.  I didn’t think I’d be back from London in time, but I just made it.  It was a moment I will never forget.  Walking into class with them all wearing their Magic Hats (term topic is Magic), with their handmade clay Magic Porridge Pots, and their various coursework books in front of them.  Monkey beamed as soon as he saw me, Mummy you made it!

I squeezed in next to him, classroom are no place for people with dodgy knees and bad backs are they. He then proceeded to explain how he’d made his hat and porridge pot before going on to his coursework.  I could see the improvement in his writing from that first week in Year One to now.  It is quite amazing how far he’s come in these last few weeks.  We talked about maths, science and geography and I could see that he’s really taking it all in and trying hard.  Again, just so wonderful to see.

He walks into class happily most mornings now, just giving me a kiss and a wave as he goes.  Monkey’s growing confidence is giving him freedom and the chance for more independence and he’s running with it.

We sometimes goes to the park with his best friend G – he happily runs ahead of me and goes straight to the big boys climbing frame.  We’ve all noticed the difference in him.  The smile is so broad on his face.  It’s fab.

Monkey's growing confidence

On Saturday we went to a birthday party.  A boy I don’t know and there were only a couple of other children from school there.  Everyone else was family, so we were surrounded by people that neither of us knew.  But rather than being stuck to me for 3 hours as I’d feared would be the case.  He was off, yes we wanted me close at hand for a while.  But he spent close to 3 hours jumping on the bouncy castle.  You might think that’s quite normal for a nearly 6 year old.  It isn’t, not for this one.  Monkey has only been on a bouncy castle once and that wasn’t greatly enjoyed.  He loved it, had a ball, didn’t want to come home.

Monkey's growing confidence

Yesterday we had parents evening at school.  Monkey is a confident, happy member of the class who joins in, volunteers information and works out problems systematically.  He’s a joy to have in class and has settled in really well.  There have been some really great improvements with his reading, writing and maths and his self belief is growing daily.

Wonderful, just wonderful.

9 thoughts on “Monkey’s growing confidence

  1. This is lovely! Sounds like he’s doing brilliantly at school, and great that he has become so much more confident and happy taking part in activities he didn’t always enjoy. #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. Aw Mary this is so lovely to read. Well done Monkey on his growing confidence, sounds like he is doing so so well! Xx

  3. Oh bless him 🙂 I can tell how proud you are just by reading the post and quite rightly so. It’s so nice when we get a peak at what they are like at school, quite often we end up amazed at the things they get up to 😀

  4. This is so lovely to read he really is coming into his own now. I can imagine how great that is to see. How fantastic that he enjoyed the party and the bouncy castle too. I really hope his new found confidence sticks around for a very long time.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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