making plane mobiles

More mobiles for Monkey – AD gifted items

disclosure:  we were gifted these items

You may remember that I posted a while ago about some easy ideas to brighten up my Monkey son’s bedroom.  Part of the post was talking about mobiles that I used.  Well, today I had a little brainwave to do with something else I’ve recently talked about for my #99psummer challenge. I realised I could make some more mobiles for him and his bedroom using a couple of the Super Gliders!

#my99psummer, @99pstoresuk Gliders and Frisbees

There are 12 Super Gliders in the pack, we’ve been having fun already with three of them and we intend to share some of them with his friends as I mentioned in my previous post.  This still leaves us with a few to play with.

So I put two of the planes together but as the wings only have graphics on one side (normally the top) I turned the wings over so the graphics could be seen from underneath.  I used a needle to make a hole and some embroidery thread to string the planes up.  In the end, two holes seem to balance the planes out better.

More mobiles for Monkey, #my99psummer Making a plane mobile

I hung them from the ceiling using cork board pins and this is the result.

What do you think?  I love finding different uses for things, even better when the original pack of super gliders cost 99p.  Another bargain and more mobiles for Monkey!


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