Most unique gadget gifts for Dad

Most unique gadget gifts for Dad

Are the men in your life difficult to buy for?

Things can get tricky when it’s time to get Dad a present. He might make all the right noises when he gets his next tie or pair of socks, but to really make the big kid happy, you  might need to be thinking about gadgetry. Of course, choosing the right gadget can be difficult, it’s the exact same way he feels when shopping for perfume, so I’m sharing five of the best gadget gift ideas to please any Dad.

1. Coffee machine

At some point in the last decade, there was a quiet cultural change, with even the manliest of men embracing the delights of fancy coffee. Maybe gadgetry had something to do with it; there are many coffee machines – and especially espresso makers – that look like something out of an old sci-fi show.

A coffee machine makes a great gift for Dad, giving him the fun of both a new gadget and a new skill to master (a skill that’ll mean you’re never short of coffee).  Daddy P certainly wouldn’t be without our coffee machine.

Most unique gadget gifts for Dad

2. Electric guitar tuner

Neither Daddy P or Guru Gramps are guitar players, but this might work if you have a Jimi Hendrix fan in your family.

Electric guitar tuners are fantastic gadgets. Attach them to the top of a guitar and they’ll take readings and provide all kinds of feedback. A guitar-playing Dad will be thrilled with all the new info on his performances, and the tuning feedback will mean his instrument is always in top condition.

3. Electronic cigarette starter kit

Neither Daddy P or Guru Gramps have ever smoked.  I’m an ex-smoker and I know friends who have really struggled to quit, so this might be a solution as I know how much better life is without smoking in my life.

Help Dad kick his bad habit with an electronic cigarette starter kit. Kits include e cigs in a range of colour choices, and a few different flavours of e liquid. Electronic cigarettes are great because they can be used at any time, even indoors, giving the user tangible reasons to choose this quitting tool over a real cigarette. It’s a great, low-pressure way to present quitting smoking as an option.

4. Remote controlled drone

We bought Daddy P a remote-controlled helicopter for Christmas and he is obsessed with it!

The next generation of radio-controlled helicopter; drone toys offer increased manoeuvrability and cool designs. There’s no practical use here, just pure fun that’s ideal for sharing with the kids.

5. Blu-ray player

When we finally get round to upgrading our ancient TV and DVD system this will certainly be on the cards for Daddy P.

Perfect for the movie-fan dad, Blu-ray players offers increased picture quality and more options when watching a movie. They’re easy to set up, so the less technologically savvy Dad will have nothing to fear, but come with lots of non-essential options that fussier Dads can tweak to their heart’s content.

Buying Dad a gadget means giving the gift of something that’s just plain fun, so whatever you end up buying, make sure to enjoy his reaction.

What ideas do you have for buying a gift for the men in your family?

disclaimer:  this is a collaborative post

4 thoughts on “Most unique gadget gifts for Dad

  1. My OH is a big gadget fan so he normally ends up with something gadget related for Christmas and his Birthday!

  2. My other half is so difficult to buy for, I can see he would be very happy with the coffee machine, but hes not really a gadget man. One year we bought him a tent for fathers day! He was happy, as was my boy.

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