Moving up to Cubs

Moving up to Cubs

It only seems five minutes ago that we started on our journey with Beavers.  It’s been a bumpy ride at times but I’m really pleased that my timid little boy stuck with it.  He still struggles with noisy games and being a team player generally, but I see his face when he’s taking part and I know it’s the right place for him to be.  I’ve been preparing him for a while that he’d be moving up to Cubs at some point this month.

In some respects the timing would be a bit of a shame, as finally a boy he knows from school had started at Beavers.  monkey would come home talking about him and I wondered how he’d cope with leaving him behind.  Moving up to Cubs started a few weeks ago, when he got to stay on for an extra half hour with Cubs at the end of Beavers.  He’d also get to take some tuck money in for treats.  When I first mentioned this he was adamant he wasn’t going, wouldn’t join in, non, no, no.  But as it all sunk in and he realised he’d get to go to bed later and buy sweets or chocolates without Mummy having a say, you could feel a change in him.

Ok, I’ll stay Mummy.  After the first session he came out full of smiles, and he seems to have teamed up with another one of the boys who was also transitioning.  So once we were home, we ordered his new Cubs uniform together and started to practice his Cub Promise.  Memories came flooding back of my Brownie and Guide promises made many years ago.

We practiced his Cub Promise every morning and he would have his Cubs investiture the day after his birthday.  What a couple of weeks he’s had.

Moving up to Cubs

So last Monday he got dressed up in his Cubs uniform for the first time and headed off for his last Beavers session and his welcoming ceremony.  I was a little worried about how he’d cope being the centre of attention with lots of parents looking on, but he did so well.

Moving up to Cubs and to new adventures.

Moving up to Cubs

Of course it was too much to hope for that we’d get a smile at the end of it all, but he did really well.

Moving up to Cubs

As he went to bed that evening, I got my sewing box out and started the job of transferring the relevant badges over from his Beavers top to his Cubs top.  Hopefully by the time he gets to Scouts i might actually be able to sew them on straight!

Now I need to find a blanket to sew the other Beavers badges on to.


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