Mr Independent

Mr Independent

Some times my son just leaves me speechless, and yes, not always in a good way!  Last week, we had a 20 minute stand-off.  I wanted him to get ready for Nursery School and asked him to take his pyjama bottoms off.  Something he is more than capable of doing.  This request, lead to an absolute meltdown.  I was looking for Mr Independent, Monkey was looking for his slave!

Having an only child has lots of benefits, but also comes with its own issues.  I feel constantly guilty that he doesn’t, and now, won’t have, the sibling relationship I enjoyed as a child.  All of his friends have younger brothers or a twin sister.  I spoil him, I know I do, reviewing doesn’t always help. He gets so much of my time, especially as I’ve not worked since he was born.

That’s great in many ways, but not always the case when you want him to be Mr Independent.  Getting dressed is one of those areas, where if there had been another child in the house, or I’d been working, things here would have been different.  Monkey can get dressed in parts, by himself, when he feels like it.  In general he chooses not to, at all.  Why should I, you can see him thinking?  I have you, my slave, at my beck and call.  Why should I make it easy for you Mummy, when we have the battle to get ready for school every morning!

I’m aware that I don’t help myself.  It’s been easier to dress him, even with the battles, than make him dress himself.  I know his friends dress themselves from tip to toe without any issues.  I feel guilty that I’m stopping him from being Mr Independent.

On Monday morning, he was happily playing in his pj’s whilst I was getting ready for the day.  I’d left his clothes on the bed, ready to get him dressed, once I was.  My mobile rang, I was chatting to Daddy P, when all of a sudden, into the bedroom walks a fully dressed Monkey, brushing his hair.  Mr Independent! Blimey. He was so pleased with himself.

Mr Independent

He’s repeated the same procedure for the last two mornings.  Admittedly, we’ve had pants on inside out, and socks on back to front.  But Mr Independent seems to finally be enjoying a bit of control.  Whether this can be maintained when we’re up against the clock and it’s not at his leisure?  We’ll see!  I’m enjoying Mr Independent whilst I can.

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  1. Yay well done Monkey. 6yo was a pain to dress herself for ages, and I would always do it as we ended up in a rush. It was a vicious circle and she played me well. Thankfully she’s great now

  2. I have a lazy one here too. Can dress himself but usually refuses and plays around. I now find if I get him ready before I go in the shower he’s more agreeable that waiting until I’m out. But as for actually persuading him to get off his backside and actually get dressed, it just doesn’t happen on time

  3. Well done to him! This will make your life so much easier!
    With mine, Mr Z has been dressing himself since he was quite young. I think being the eldest of three with small age gaps, he had no choice really – he knew it would help me out a lot if he could just do this! My younger two still aren’t able to do it at all though, each child is different. Great timing for Monkey though as he will be in school in Sept and you’ll want him able to dress himself for PE.

    I just noticed your new header btw, I don’t know if it’s been there a while and I’ve just not been observant enough to notice! It looks great!

    1. Thanks, I think he’s gone back to not doing it all again, but at least I know he can do it!

      Updated header a while ago and then Tina had done her’s on same day and almost the same idea. Perhaps Jenny is right and we are twins after all!!

  4. Well done Monkey! I remember times like this with my son. When I had to be out the house for work it was easier just to get him dressed than argue with him. When I realised I would be having a baby to get ready as well as get out and get him to school, I had to put my foot down and get him to dress himself! That’s not to say we don’t still have the mornings where he is feeling lazy and wants some help!

  5. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself Mary about the only child thing and spoiling M. My eldest would quite happily sit and be waited on hand and foot (at age 7) and she has a younger brother (age 3) who wants to do everything and anything all by himself. It’s personality as much as anything I think. Having said all that, go M and I bet you’re over the moon! I’ve been there and got the t-shirt as they say 🙂

  6. What an amazing milestone! I can’t wait for LP to be able to dress herself. Your monkey does amazingly to only get pants on inside out! Well done him 🙂 x

  7. Well done Monkey! I’m a true believer that children will do things when they are ready. Yes some children take longer than others but somehow they get there. Monkey was ready to show you he can do it and he did. I really hope this new stage in his life will continue.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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