Mud glorious Mud

Mud glorious Mud

So Monkey has been at school in Reception for a couple of weeks now.  After a bit of a wobbly start he seems to have settled in ok and we’ve had no more tears.  It’s been a time of adjustment for both of us; and if I’m honest it’s hit me much harder than I’d expected. My baby is growing up too fast.  Monkey has started to read his school books as I mentioned last week.  A big step forward.  He’s even told me he’s liked a few of the school dinners.  I knew he was having a good time when he came home covered in mud glorious mud on 3 of the last 4 days! School photographs saved us from 4 clear days of mud I think.

Oh yes, Monkey and his buddies have started their excavations in the Nursery Garden again. One of my friends who hadn’t sent her son to pre-school/nursery every day before starting school had said to me in the summer holidays that she’d bought her son 2 pairs of trousers.  That’s enough right? Uum, maybe for Master O, but 2 pairs of school trousers certainly aren’t enough for Monkey!  Not unless I do the washing every day (chances of that happening – zero).  After last week I’m beginning to think that even I might just need to go shopping for more school uniform supplies soon. It’s great that Monkey is happy and clearly having fun, I do wish that I couldn’t tell just how much fun, by the state of his trousers and shoes though.

Mud glorious Mud

But at least with mud glorious mud all over his trousers and shoes at the end of the day, it starts a conversation! We don’t have the ‘I haven’t done anything today’ conversation; we have the ‘so what have you been digging up today then?’ conversation instead.  It’s a good way of finding out who he has been playing with and what he has actually been doing with his friends.  So I chuckle when he comes home from school covered in mud glorious mud – 2 pairs of trousers – nope not in this house!

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6 thoughts on “Mud glorious Mud

  1. Crikey, 2 pairs is very optimistic. Good that Monkey’s getting stuck in, literally, by the sounds of things.

    N has 2 jumpers (one was a handmedown) for the 2 days he’s at one nursery, although they’re a 3-4 and on the small side so won’t last through another growth spurt. I’ve just bought him 1 sweatshirt and 1 polo shirt for the other nursery. But realistically they’re only going to get worn one day before needing a wash. I can’t see that changing once he’s at school, especially with boys playing football and stuff in the playground.

  2. Great to hear that he is settling in ok, and I hope that you settle into your routine as well. I don’t think a little bit of mud hurts, with mine its grass stains! Funny that when asked they are always “Not my fault!”

  3. 2 pairs of trousers?! I wish! I remember E went through a stage of coming home covered in mud in reception too, it drove me mad but I was glad he was having fun!

  4. Glad to hear monkey is settling well. We have white polo shirts and have already had to try and save 4 shirts from stains!

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