Mummy and Me - January 2017

Mummy and Me – January 2017

I’m the photographer of the family.  Pretty much all my life from about the age of 7 or 8 I’ve had a camera by my side. Whether it be my Mum’s old Brownie or my first Kodak Instamatic.  A love of capturing life on film was there, from an early age.  Of course these days, the vast majority of my photos feature Monkey, he’s my son and the centre of my life.  I try to get pictures of him with Daddy P when he’s around too, as their time together is rather scarce.  But the problem with being the photographer is that I am rarely actually in any photographs, ever.  I was trying to put together a photo book for Monkey last year and realised I had one or two photos with him in a whole year, a whole flipping year!  So being determined that things had to change I recently discovered the Mummy and Me linky, and I shall endeavour to join in every month.  In fact I’m trying to get a photo a week of Monkey and I together, mostly selfies, but it’s a start!

So these are my Mummy and Me – January 2017 shots and the start of my collection.

Week 1

Mummy and Me - January 2017

Week 2

Mummy and Me - January 2017

Week 3

Mummy and Me - January 2017

Week 4

Mummy and Me - January 2017

I would like to reassure you that my favourite grey jumper does actually get washed regularly!  We haven’t been out together much when Daddy P’s been around on Sunday’s this month, so hopefully in February that will change and I can push my DSLR in his direction from time to time.  I’m also waiting for a remote to arrive so I can get the tripod out and capture some shots that way too.

I look forward to creating a Mummy and Me photo book at the end of the year with lots of smiles along the way.  Do you try to get lots of shots of you with your children, or are you rather like I’ve been?

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