Mummy and Me – July 2021

Mummy and Me – July 2021

Mummy and Me – July 2021 The month which saw my son walk out of Primary School for the very last time

Week 26

Mummy and Me - July 2021

I’m making the most of smiles this month and time together.

Week 27

Mummy and Me - July 2021

My son had his last Primary School inset day so I took the day off and we headed off to Whipsnade Zoo for the day.  The sun shone but it was a bit windy.

At the weekend we headed down to Brands Hatch with my brother, niece and her partner, for the day.  It was my son’s first time at the motor racing circuit and the first time I’d been back to a childhood haunt for many years.

Mummy and Me - July 2021

Week 28

Mummy and Me - July 2021

It’s such a manic time at the moment with the end of Primary School hurtling towards us.

Week 29

We were allowed inside the school grounds to watch the Year Six Leavers Assembly.  I fully expected to spend the ti,e in tears, but I think I was just relieved that we were there at all and that my son would finish his Primary School journey at school the next day.  We were so lucky to not have to deal with burst bubbles this term.

Mummy and Me - July 2021

And that’s that.  School is out for the summer and a new adventure awaits in September.

Project 365 2021 Week 28-29

Week 30

Mum’s shearing shop has cropped the mop.  I wonder how long it will be before he asks to go back to the Barbers instead.

Mummy and Me - July 2021

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