Mummy and Me - May 2007 Week 21

Mummy and Me – May 2017

Mummy and  Me – May 2017, as I continue to try to capture a photo a week, each week, of the two of us together.

Week 18

The first week of the year I failed to get a photo of the two of us together!  But considering the lack of photos for the last 7 years, it could be worse.

Week 19

Bedtime stories, hugs in the kitchen after dinner and a day spent exploring Compton Verney with friends.

Week 20

Mummy and Me - May 2017

Look who photobombed us this week!  Monkey completed this 3D puzzle all by himself.  It was lovely to watch him figure it out.

Week 21

Mummy and Me - May 2017

Thanks to Joy from Pinkoddy for taking this photo of Monkey and I before our Bushcraft day with Cotswold Adventures.

Mummy and Me - May 2007 Week 21

Look who we met in the woods!  The lovely Adam Henson no less.  We had such a brilliant day.

Mummy and Me - May 2007 Week 21

The day the unimaginable happened in Manchester.  I cried that day, thinking of those poor families and especially when I heard that one of the victims was only 8 years old.  Heartbreaking.  I love this boy beyond measure and even at his most grumpiest I wouldn’t be without him.  Lots of hugs were shared after school.


What Mummy and Me moments have you had this month?

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