Stowe Landscape Gardens

Mummy and Me – October 2021

Mummy and Me – October 2021 The month we lost our brother in law, the OH celebrated his 55th birthday and my son enjoyed his half-term holiday.

Week 39

Mummy and Me - October 2021

We seem to be spending a lot more time at home these days, and sometimes I get to be cuddled on the sofa.

Week 40

Mummy and Me - October 2021

Sometimes my son even agrees to go for a walk around the estate with me without moaning.  Sometimes!

Week 41

Mummy and Me - October 2021

And cuddles with one of the cats is always a winner.  Not sure Fudge always agrees though.

Stowe Landscape Gardens

We headed to Stowe for the first time in what feels like forever and I managed to get a snap on the run, almost literally.

Week 42

Mummy and Me - October 2021

A lot of hugs and cuddles were needed this week all around.

Week 43

Mummy and Me - October 2021

It seems like a lifetime ago since we were at Blenheim Palace together.  It was lovely to get some fresh air together and talk about all the visits we’ve made over the years.

We’re off to London today and maybe I’ll be allowed to take a photo at some point during the day.  But in the meantime, this is us, together, in a month that was been a bit challenging at times.  Precious moments, always cherished.

Have you got out from behind the camera with your kids this month?

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