Mummy and Me - February 2017

Mummy and Me – February 2017

We are so close to the end of February, I have to say I’ve never been much of a fan of the month. But as it comes to an end, I know that Spring is coming.  Better, more colourful days are ahead.  I should take a moment to say happy birthday to my Auntie though, as she turns 80 today.  Onwards and upwards.  For Mummy and Me this month, there have been lots of cuddles and a few tears along the way. I’ve not captured a photo of the two of us together every week, but think I can be forgiven for the week I missed.

Mum had a minor stroke at the end of January and the first week of February is really a blur now.  My parents live in Spain as many of you know, and those first few days of not knowing exactly what had happened and not being there, they were hard.  It’s also the first time that someone Monkey really loves has been ill to that degree.  I wasn’t going to lie to him about the details of what Granny was going through.  But at times my little 7-year-old struggled to process what was happening.  We hugged, and cried together and made each other smile.  That’s Mummy and Me in a nutshell isn’t it.

Week 5

Mummy and Me - February 2017

Week 6

I’ve only ever been away from Monkey overnight when I’ve been to Britmums in London.  Mum was home from hospital, she’d been very lucky and I knew I needed to see her.  I also knew that this needed to be my own Mummy and Me moment, and that she wasn’t quite ready for the hurricane that is her youngest grandson.  It was the strangest feeling ever to get on a plane without my son, luckily I was with my brother and sister-in-law.  But the whole time I felt so weird not having my sidekick close by. This week’s Mummy and Me shot with a twist.

Mummy and Me - February 2017

Week 7

Back home, and back with my buddy for some quiet, quality time together over half term.   It’s fair to say that Monkey was glad to have me home, and was a bit of a limpet.  I was so glad we had time away from school to de-stress and just be.  On Sunday I actually remembered to get my OH to take a photo of Monkey and I together, even if I don’t quite manage a smile.

Mummy and Me - February 2017

Monkey had picked up a snowdrop flower that someone had trodden on, and wanted me to have it. It’s the thought that counts right?

Week 8

The back to school week, a week I always dread.  The happy-go-lucky son I know vanishes in an instant, the meltdowns return and some afternoons are just plain hard work.  But then, just as quickly, my boy reappears, throwing his arms around me and telling me he loves me to the moon and back.  Just as well I love him that much too isn’t it.  We went on a school trip last week and in one area you could write secret messages, put them in a ball and send them down a shute for someone else to find.  Monkey wrote two, which he said only I could collect.  They both read ‘To Mummy, I love you’.  Mummy and Me, me and my boy, it’s a love thing.

Mummy and Me - February 2017

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  1. Gosh it must have been really stressful having to travel without your kids. I couldn’t do it without feeling the same apprehensions as yourself. Hope your Mum is doing ok x

  2. These are lovely photos. I adore the one of you and monkey infront of the snowdrops. It’s great to see more of you in the pictures. Glad your trip to see your mum went well. Thanks for joining in with Be in the picture x

  3. These are such lovely photos. It’s really nice that you have one with your mum too.
    Thanks for joining in with Be in the Picture 🙂

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