Mummy I need to saw your arm off

Mummy I need to saw your arm off!

I picked Monkey up from pre-school this morning – it was lovely, he ran straight into my arms and gave me a big kiss and cuddle 🙂  He was eager to get home as it is our rubbish collection day – he’s on first name terms with all the binmen.

So we’ve had lunch, the bin men have visited and we are playing cars on his playmat, when all of a sudden he tells me he needs to saw my arm off!  Uum, ok …… he gets his play saw and starts sawing at my shoulder.

Mummy I need to saw your arm off to break it, then I need to get my tool kit out so I can mend it with my spanner and some sticky tape.

He had a whale of a time.  I was thinking, ok, great imagination but should I be worried about anything????

Finally, all became clear when one of my Facebook friends told me that the kids had been playing Doctors this morning.  Sign of relief from Mummy.

Monkey never goes into details of what he actually does at pre-school; I just get ‘played with toys Mummy’.  So the next time he starts sawing me in half I’ll know he’s been playing Doctors again (hopefully).

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