Mummy and Me - March 2017

Mummy and Me – March 2017

Mummy and  Me – March 2017, as I continue to try to capture a photo a week, each week, of the two of us together.

Week 9

When you’ve got new Karndean flooring down in your hallway, you just have to lie on it, honestly.  Even Biff had to join us.

Mummy and Me - March 2017

We don’t spend all of our time on the floor as this shot of us together shows.  We are a double act, my son and I, he is my world.

Mummy and Me - March 2017

Week 10

More smiles and lots of happy moments spent together and lots of photos of Mummy and Me!

Mummy and Me - March 2017

We have lovely thick piled carpet in our living room now, it’s such a luxury after what went before.  Don’t you know that carpets aren’t just for walking on?

Mummy and Me - March 2017

Monkey got a medal this week for getting some really complicated spellings right in his weekly test.  He was super proud of himself, as was I.

Mummy and Me - March 2017

Monkey and I spent some time at Blenheim Palace, and on the obligatory train trip I’d been asked to take a photo of the couple we shared a carriage with.  I asked them to return the favour, I’m normally so rubbish at asking.

Mummy and Me - March 2017

Week 11

Who’s that creeping over my shoulder?

Mummy and Me - March 2017

Week 12

I can honestly say that I’d never heard of Slap Cheek Syndrome until Monkey started school.  It, along with Scarlet Fever, has been doing the rounds at school and Monkey came out with the rash this week.  Bless him, the first day it wasn’t too bad, and even the next day in the morning it was quite tame.  When he came out of school on Friday he looked like he had sunburn.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, he really was so red, and has a rash all over his torso and arms.  He’s been smiling through it, and it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all, thankfully.  One more childhood illness to tick off the list!

Mummy and Me - March 2017

What Mummy and Me moments have you had this month?

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13 thoughts on “Mummy and Me – March 2017

  1. This is a lovely collection of photos. It looks like you have great fun together. I hope monkey is feeling better now. Thanks for joining in with Be in the Picture.
    Alana x

  2. I think it’s a great idea to take a picture together every week otherwise years just fly by and when we look back we have nothing. I have very few with my children and I am determined to get a few with my my grandson.
    Hope he’s feeling better too. #BeInThePicture

  3. Lovely pictures,always so smiley! Well done on the medal little man 😀 Poor boy having slap cheek, it really doesn’t look nice. Glad hes ok. Thank you for linking up with #mummyandme xx

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