My little Angel

My little Angel

I know it’s January, but I have so many wonderful memories from December, I wanted to share one of them with you for my Magic Moments post this week.  The week my Monkey was my little Angel in his School Nativity play was full of anxiety, for me, not Monkey!

Last year, when Monkey was at his pre-school they had a little Christmas sing song.  Monkey sat right at the back and was attached to one of the key workers at all times.  He didn’t sing, but he didn’t cry.  I was so proud of him, he did so well.

This year he’s at the School’s Nursery, and they had a joint Nativity with the kids in Reception (many of whom he’d been at pre-school with).  Monkey was going to be an angel, my little angel.  I wondered how he would cope.  He’s not confident, he’s shy, he’s not a great socialiser at Nursery.  They’d obviously be practicing songs at school as I’d get ‘Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem’ shouted to me repeatedly.  Is there any more Monkey?  No, don’t you know the words Mummy??

The next challenge was going tobe getting him dressed up.  He’s not really into dressing up.  I used a white long-sleeved vest with a white pillowcase, tinsel and a great little pair of wings.  We found a tinsel wreath that I fell in love with – might have been a bit OTT for a halo, but at least it would sit on his head ok.

My little Angel My little Angel

The kids had gone through dress rehearsals, a performance to the school and one in front of Monkey’s old preschool.  The key workers must have loved watching so many of their ‘old kids’ performing.  There was also to be two performances in front of parents.  We went for the Wednesday, the day after Monkey’s birthday.  He happily got changed into his outfit with the rest of his class and I told him that Mummy and Daddy would be in the audience as a special treat that day.  How would he react?

So Daddy P and I found a couple of seats in the second row and waited to see what would happen.  In walked Monkey into the main hall with his class mates, he sat in the front row between two of the other children.  In walked the Reception class children. I was so proud of my little angel.  He didn’t cry, he didn’t need the reassurance of sitting with an adult, he went everywhere he should have done.  He didn’t sing, I didn’t care. He was enjoying himself, it was brilliant.  All the children did so well.  I was sat next to teacher from the school’s Finnish exchange programme.  She was impressed too. It was a magic moment, part of his journey, growing up.  A moment to treasure, one I’ll never forget. My little angel, my grown up little Monkey.

My little Angel

20 thoughts on “My little Angel

  1. Kids in nativities is amazing to watch. Some of them make me laugh when they are just sitting, minding their own business, picking their nose. Great fun and really gets you feeling festive.

  2. I love Christmas time with all the plays, the kids really surprise us and make us proud! Your little man is a gorgeous angel!

  3. Awww such a cute little angel, I’m glad to hear he enjoyed himself. Lovely angel outfit by the way! 🙂 x

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