My little hero

The last few weeks have been laden with bad news and illness.  I’ve found it all rather draining so I don’t suppose it was much of a surprise when I came down with a bug on Sunday.  Great timing though – at least my husband is actually around on Sunday’s so he could look after our son for the day, while I curled up under the duvet.

Monday, he also helped with the pre-school runs as there was no way I was capable.  Yesterday he was at work on another of his very long day and night shifts and my son doesn’t go to pre-school on Tuesdays.  I was still feeling really fragile yesterday morning and worrying about how to occupy a 3-year-old whilst feeling so rubbish.

I shouldn’t have worried.  My little boy was so great yesterday.  He just knew I wasn’t feeling very well.  He ate his breakfast straight up, no tantrums getting dressed and then disappeared.  All was quiet.  Oh no, what was he up to?  Bless him, he was sat on the sofa with his beloved teddy with a big pile of books, reading.  He spent the next HOUR, reading to teddy (obviously it was making up his own interpretation of the stories).  It was wonderful to watch and so much appreciated by a poorly Mummy.

Mummy's little helper

For the rest of the day he was just lovely, no moaning, no tantrums, he ate all his dinner.  He made my life easier, it was much appreciated.  He just seemed to know that yesterday he needed to be a good boy – ALL day 🙂

Thankfully, I felt a lot better by bedtime.  But I’m sure it really helped to have my little hero look after me for the day. I’m also sure ‘normal’ service will resume when I pick him up from pre-school later!


2 thoughts on “My little hero

  1. What a good boy! I hope you are feeling better soon. Looking after a child when you are ill is hard work xxx

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