My own little racing driver

My son had a party to go to on Saturday, his friends Mr S and Miss B decided they wanted a fancy dress party, no theme and optional.  Well, he is not the most adventurous little man, and when I mentioned getting dressed up I got a flat NO Mummy!

He has three dressing up outfits, Bob the Builder, Count Dracula and a Racing Driver outfit.

We discussed the party all week, and every time I mentioned dressing up in any one of the three outfits I still got a NO.  Ok, I decided not to push it anymore, told my friend he probably wouldn’t join in with the fun, but that I’d bring a selection of outfits in case peer pressure won the day when he saw all his friends in their costumes.

Anyway, everything changed on Saturday morning.  I’d won tickets to the British Grand Prix the day before and he suddenly decided that he would a) be dressing up for the party and b) would be a racing driver, because Mummy is going racing tomorrow!

Ok, so I thought I’d strike whilst the iron was hot – would you like me to make you a steering wheel and a winners trophy to go with your outfit?  Oh yes please, Mummy 🙂

Well, I’m not the most artistic of Mummy’s but these are what I made for my little racing driver.  I had less than an hour to make them too! Racing Driver accessories

He got dressed up in his outfit, unfortunately, the hat that came with it is just too small for him to wear for the day, so I let him borrow one I’d won last year from Mercedes F1 (no way was he having my Ferrari one, signed by Felipe Massa!) Monkey Racer

Off to the party we went, he had a great time – my little racing driver 🙂

2 thoughts on “My own little racing driver

  1. He looks absolutely fabulous 🙂 You did great with all those makes too. And well done on winning those Grand Prix tickets, thats fantastic! Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo and sorry for the delay in commenting xx

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