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I’m joining in with the weekly linky The Photo Gallery with Sticky Fingers, and this week’s theme is New.  Where to start on that one!  Something new from Monkey’s birthday? Something new from Christmas? Some new plans for the new year ahead? I decided on something new for me, a rare treat, a moment of frivolity.

This is my new handbag!

NewBack in the days before Monkey, when I was working, I could be frivolous, within reason, if I liked something I could buy it.  I wouldn’t feel guilty.  My weakness has always been handbags and shoes – oh how my life has changed, how dusty and unloved my heels have become.  How neglected my little handbags have been.  My handbag, has for the last few years been full of baby stuff, kids stuff with a little space for my purse, keys, phone and camera.  Where has the lipstick gone??

Anyway, last year I took part in a competition with BritMums and Oral B discussing Healthy Gums and I was one of the 10 winners. I received £100 of John Lewis vouchers – what joy!! I was over the moon.  Normally, I’d have thought ‘right what can I buy for Monkey?’ ‘what does Daddy P need?’ But just for once I decided to spend the money on ME!, Not only was I going to spend the money on me, I was going to be frivilious, I was going to buy something new that I liked, rather than absolutely needed.  I decided to wait until the Christmas sales, to see if I could maximise my spending potential.

I arranged for Daddy P to have Monkey on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year, and off I went to Milton Keynes.  I was on a mission.  Regular readers will know that I love blue, peacock-blue especially.  I have a peacock-blue coat, phone cover and purse, and yes, a vast swathe of blue in my wardrobe too.

I walked into John Lewis and headed straight for the handbags.  Peacock blue appears to be a popular choice right now.  I could have blown the whole budget, and needed to add a few pounds on one bag, but the practical side of me, looked at the flimsy straps.  No good with a Monkey in tow.

Then I saw the Fiorelli bag display and I fell in love, I’d found my new bag.  Practical, just my colour and it was calling my name.  It wasn’t in the sale, nothing I liked was. But it was well within budget.  I put it in my shopping basket, just in case something else said ‘buy me!’, I headed for the camera section.  My compact camera is well-loved, I’d love to upgrade to a DSLR, I have an old SLR camera upstairs and I miss using it.  I take so many photos that I do need to stick to digital, but even with the £100.00, the DSLR’s were still beyond my grasp.

So I walked to the sales desk, and handed over my bag, my new bag, along with my vouchers.  I walked out of John Lewis with my new bag and £45.00 worth of vouchers left – result!

I love my new bag, it’s really me.  It makes me feel more like me when I’m out and about, and less like Monkey’s Mummy.  A new year and a new me perhaps?

26 thoughts on “New – The Photo Gallery

  1. It’s a lovely bag. I’m a bag and shoe girl too. Would love to spend more money on them. One day!

  2. It’s a gorgeous bag! Well done you for treating yourself too. I am the same and always end up spending vouchers I get for myself on the kids, it’s just too tempting. Hope you enjoy using it and don’t fill it with children’s things too quickly 😉


  3. I know it’s a ‘photo’ kinky but that was really well written you ha me hooked in the shopping experience :). Nice bag too!

  4. SO pleased you spent that £100 on yourself and what better way to spend it than on a bag?! One of my (many) guilty pleasures – gorgeous!

  5. Good for you for treating yourself, I have a bit of a bag/shoe collection myself! Love this one it’s totally gorgeous 🙂

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