New Years Resolutions - a month in

New Years Resolutions – a month in

Do you recall earlier this month that I wanted to make a few changes this year, I really needed to out some order back in my life and feel more in control.  New Years Resolutions – a month in, and how am I doing?

I’m making time for me, being more constructive with my day and valuing a bit of down time!  I used to read my horoscope all the time and when I checked out TheCircle Free Horoscopes page for Aries in January it really helped to focus my mind!

January begins with your ruler Mars in opposition to the bubbly energies of Jupiter. This can give you a tremendous amount of self-confidence and optimism for what the month holds. In fact, no challenge can feel like it’s beyond you, and whether you’ve decided to be more active, improve your social life or spend more time developing new interests, you can be on the front foot.

Sewing Machine lessons

copyright Wanda Sew N Sew
copyright Wanda Sew N Sew

I’m making use of the Sewing Machine Santa bought me for Christmas.  I returned to my lessons at the start of January and am working on my first garment using a pattern. Monkey will hopefully get a lovely new dressing gown at the end of it.  But the pattern sizing has been rather strange so there have been a few dilemmas along the way.  I’m remaining positive and using it all as a big learning curve.  I’ve even used an overlocker for the first time.  I had no idea what that was or what it did until January.

Jado Chi classes

New Years Resolutions - a month in

I’m loving my Jado Chi classes as they are the perfect way to de-stress and switch off for an hour a week.  I’ve been working on my first stance set, concentrating on leg movements but we’re adding in the arms shortly. It’s work in progress but I’m sticking with it.

Time away from the laptop

This one has proved challenging.  I was doing great for the first couple of weeks but I can see the amount of blog comments that I need to reply to mounting, and I want to comment on other people’s posts – snowballs are getting larger by the day.  But, I am determined not to spend hours on the laptop every day/night.  I’ve been catching up with a couple of TV series that I really enjoy and followed Levison Wood Walking the Nile.

New Years Resolutions - a month in

I’ve spent time on my cross stitch and jigsaw puzzles and chilled out a little bit.

New Years Resolutions - a month in

So New Years Resolutions – a month in, and it’s going ok.  I’m sticking to my plan, and most of all I’m enjoying every moment I get to spend with my cheeky Monkey!

New Years Resolutions - a month in

How about you?  How are your plans for 2015 shaping up?

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5 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions – a month in

  1. I’m glad it’s going well although I completely understand how difficult it is to stick to the resolution to stay away from the computer!!
    Good for you for sticking to your guns and making time for yourself-often it’s ourselves who we forget about most!!

  2. It sounds like you’re doing really well! Twinderelmo has done a monthly linky of resolution updates that you should link this up with 🙂 x

  3. I’m so impressed with your sewing and cross-stitch skills! Sounds great that you are making time to do the things you like and that de-stress you, especially time with your wee one. Best of luck keeping to these positive resolutions, I’m sure you will!

  4. Well done, it sounds as though you are getting a balance. The blog commenting will always be there and you don’t have to comment on every blog post so don’t worry too much.

  5. Sounds like you are doing really well with your resolutions – I didn’t make any this year but am definitely taking more time away from the blog and concentrating on other things. Keep it up!

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