Ode to a lost trainer

Ode to a lost trainer

I have to admit that we’ve probably done rather well.  Monkey started pre-school at 2 and half and since then we’ve only ever lost 1 glove.  Yes, I’ve had to search in the cloakroom for various items over the last couple of years at school but everything else has always made it home.  But now we have an ode to a lost trainer.  Where oh where can you be? As Monkey returns to school tomorrow, I wonder and hope, can he be reunited?

Ode to a lost trainer

These lovely trainers went to school with Monkey on the first day of the winter term, 2 weeks later they had both disappeared.  He keeps his PE kit at school so I only discovered when he was sent home from school and had been changed into his PE kit. Once I’d sorted him out, stuck the washing on I realised that his trainers weren’t in the bag.  Never mind, in the rush at school perhaps the teacher had forgotten to put them in his bag for him.

So when Monkey returned to school I mentioned the missing trainers to his teacher.  Oh, ok we will have a look for them.  Have you searched lost property?  Uum, no, they were both clearly marked with Monkey’s name.  Check them just the same.  Well that task was a joy, and not one I want to repeat in a hurry.  But why would items clearly named be chucked in lost property anyway?  I clearly have a lot to learn.

There was no sign of the trainers anywhere.  Had they been kidnapped?  Had they decided that Monkey’s PE classes just weren’t exciting enough?  Had they grabbed a fake passport and left the country? Who knew.

Wanted posters were placed in Facebook groups.  We’d really like our trainers to come home in time for Christmas.  I feared that all was lost until the last week of term.  On the Wednesday Monkey came out of school with his PE kit and there poking out of the top was a trainer.  I got excited for all of 2 seconds.  There was one trainer, only one.  This was probably worse than having no trainers at all.

So where for art thou Mr Right Foot Trainer?  You are sorely missed by both Monkey and your left footed partner.  Are you playing hop scotch by yourself, or have you joined a three-legged race we are unaware of?  Are you lurking in a dark cupboard somewhere in Oxfordshire, lost, alone and unloved?  Have you joined all the odd socks that disappear without trace?

Know this, little trainer.  You are missed, and if by some miracle you decide to come home, Monkey will promise to take better care of you.  My 6 year old son has learnt a valuable lesson – you lose something, Mummy doesn’t replace it.  So please, please come home.

6 thoughts on “Ode to a lost trainer

  1. This post made me smile, you are lucky to have gone this far without a loss. I think our best one was the lost jumper in year one that turned up 2 terms later! I have found regular checking of lost property, and classroom floors has returned all other lost items. Just wish we hadn’t lost so many nice water bottles!

  2. This ode made me smile; I do wonder where one lost trainer can be hiding when you have so many people searching for it. How can it still be lost?!
    My daughter had to learn a similar lesson to your Monkey recently, although her involved a missing drum stick and all of her school cardigans! I hope Monkey’s learnt his lesson xx

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