Oh god it's Sports Day again

Oh god it’s Sports Day again

It’s coming to the end of June, which means oh god it’s Sports Day again.  Please tell me that’s I’m not alone in thinking this! You see I have a son who doesn’t like sports, well he likes watching motor sports, but that’s not very helpful in this instance.  I can’t remember ever not enjoying Sports Day myself.  Although shy, I still had a competitive spirit and always loved running.

Monkey doesn’t seem to share that spirit and certainly doesn’t enjoy this annual event at school.  He managed to get through it at pre-school and in Nursery as he was guided around various assault courses.  But last year, Reception year, the agony of Sports Day reared its head.  Full on.  Monkey didn’t want to go to school, he certainly didn’t want to take part in anything, nothing was going to persuade him that the event could be fun.

I’d forewarned his teacher and she’d picked a special job for him to help her with. It didn’t help, he didn’t want to go, there were tears.  I had to sit across the field from him as he refused to join in with one race after another.  I could see his frustration, he took it out on his best friend, it wasn’t nice to watch.   My heart broke for him.  As much as I’d love him to join in, why are children put through this if they really don’t enjoy it.  What is he learning?

So here we are, a year on, Monkey has grown and changed in so many way. But his dislike of sport remains.  For the last couple of weeks he’s told me he isn’t going to school on Sports Day.  He isn’t going to wear his house colour t-shirt, even if it is his favourite giraffe top. He’s not going, he won’t take part, he wants to stay at home.  With a heavy heart, I tell him that it will be ok, he might enjoy himself (neither of us actually believe this).  I tell him about the fun Sports Days of my own childhood.  It’s all to no avail.  He’s set.

Maybe one day he won’t see this annual school event as an ordeal.  Maybe one day he’ll enjoy trying, just joining in.  Maybe.

Oh god it's Sports Day again

Oh god it’s Sports Day again, it’s today, it’s this morning.  He’ll be waking up shortly and the battle of wills will begin. Getting him to school will be one thing.  Getting him to join in ……Willing him to enjoy the experience …….. He’s 6, I don’t want him to feel so unhappy about one morning at school.  A few hours out of an entire school year. Wish me luck.

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  1. It must be so hard when they’re really so against it. Our school seemed to have been practising every day for weeks beforehand. N knew exactly who was going to come 1,2 and 3rd, and where he would finish but apart from not wanting to run for his new house team (quite a few of them were switched – and unfortunately he’s gone from yellow team who’ve been in the lead all year to green who’re languishing in 3rd), he was happy enough turning up and taking part. He even said he enjoyed it. But there were kids who cried halfway through the races – because they’d lost, or were obviously just struggling as others had finished. Luckily the teachers helped alongside them. I don’t think it helps having all the parents watching.

    Monkey might change his mind in future – when I lived in Windsor up to age 7 I was terrible at sport. I didn’t like sports day, although I only remember 1 egg and spoon race where I was still stood at the start and everyone else had finished. But we moved house, and overnight things had changed and I was sporty and loved doing it all. Very strange, but it does happen.

    Or you just need to find a sport that suits them. I had a couple of friends at 6th form who hate sports since a young age, but they got to private school for 6th form and all of a sudden they were forced to do sport 3 afternoons a week and because it was a smaller school (only 36 girls at that point) they were in teams for hockey, tennis and squash and loved them. It’s all about the way it’s approached, and I guess at primary school it’s just all or nothing.

    Fingers crossed it’s not as bad as you’re expecting.

  2. I really hope it goes well for him. I totally understand where he’s coming from. I used to have a huge aversion for sports day, much to my parents reassurances that it would be OK and just ‘try to have fun, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose’ and lose I did always! It was tough because my brothers were the opposite. I think for it was my shyness and fear I would do something ‘wrong’. It’s my daughter’s first sports day and I am so glad that she is the opposite. Although bubbly she does get anxious performing in front of people but the well meaning words my parents said to me really does bode well with her and she just wants to have ‘fun’. But I agree it can be a lot of pressure on little ones. I am sure monkey knows you are proud of him always, sports day or no sports day.

  3. We have had the pleasure of sports day last week, thankfully the weather was good and my son seemed in good spirits despite all my worries. I hope it goes well for you, I know it can difficult!

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