Old friends

Old friends

My Magic Moments post this week is a bit late and doesn’t come with a photo!  Forgive me, we’ve been away for a long weekend and I appear to be surrounded by washing and ironing.  But we spent the weekend with family and old friends.

We’ve been to Hunstanton, our first trip to Norfolk.  More on that later in the week.  It’s a 2 and half to 3 hour drive from us, but we were very lucky with the traffic.

I have some old friends who live in Suffolk these days.  We first met 24 years ago, just before my 21st birthday.  Seems like yesterday!  M came to work in my office as a temp, she was new to the area, having moved from Suffolk to be with her American serviceman partner who’d been re-located.  Although M was nearly 20 years older than me, we clicked immediately.  We became really good friends, and her partner E is just one of the nicest men I have ever met.  A real quiet, gentle giant.

Anyway, when M became a Gran a few years later, they decided to move back to Suffolk.  E got re-posted back to a local base and off they went.  I visited by train before I could drive, and a few times by car with my ex.  Slowly busy lives took over and we lost touch a bit.

When I left my ex, I got back in touch, hoping they hadn’t moved.  Luckily they were still there.  I invited them up to my wedding to Daddy P, but M was recovering from recent heart surgery and wasn’t up to the drive.  So time moves on again.

I love Facebook, it’s helped us stay in touch these last few years, M has seen lots of photos of my son and can keep tabs on what we’re up to.

When we finalised our trip to Hunstanton, I realised we would only be about 45 minutes away from M & E.  I had a chance to meet up with my old friends, and to introduce Daddy P and my little boy to two very special people.  Would they be home?  You bet!

So on Sunday afternoon we left family in Hunstanton at their holiday home, and set off for Suffolk.  I was so excited, it’s been years since I’ve been with my old friends.  I was nervous too, so much had happened since we’d been together last.

As soon as we saw each other, the years faded away, it was as if we’d only seen each other yesterday.  We spent a couple of wonderful hours, catching up, laughing, introducing the family, hugging and chatting.  My old friends are very dear to me, it’s always wonderful when you can just pick up from where you left off.  Spending time with them was a real magic moment for me.  Sorry, I don’t have a photo, for once I totally forgot about my camera.  It was just a time to spend together, a time to watch all the years fade away.

A magic moment spent with old friends.

20 thoughts on “Old friends

  1. So lovely you got to have a really good catch up with them. I have friends like that, ones I haven’t seen for ages but then when you do finally meet its as if nothing ever changed.

  2. One thing I discovered when I moved in the past is that good, old friends are there for always. It sounds definitely like you had one of those magic moment times when you reconnected again with an old friend.

  3. How lovely to catch up with old friends like that Mary. A wonderful part of the world to be too, Norfolk and Suffolk are both beautiful (my in-laws live in Suffolk). Fabulous post

  4. Oh, this is such a lovely post – really made me smile – and I’ve had a long day, really nice to be cheered up 🙂

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