on the move

On the move

Now my son does everything in his own time as we’re all aware. But it would appear that peer pressure has hit home – in the form of scooter riding!  We’re on the move!  He has had an Ozbozz My 1st Scooter for as long as I can remember.  He’ll sometimes pootle along our tiny patio, very rarely he’ll ask to go out on the pavement with it.  He’s shown no real interest in it until this last week.

We walk to Nursery School and regularly get passed by other kids zooming past on their scooters.  A number of the kids in Nursery School also arrive on scooters or bikes (I still live for the day he says he wants a bike!).

Anyway, out of the blue, he pipes up one morning – Mummy I want to scoot to school.  Ok, let’s be ready to leave a bit earlier and we’ll get your scooter out of the garage.

Blimey, I thought, happy that he finally wants to ride his scooter.  But a little part of me was a bit sad – this was the start of peer pressure rearing its head, wanting to be part of the gang.

So we get it out of the garage and yes, it’s a long, slow walk to school, no he doesn’t scoot all of the way, yes I do end up carrying it (need to remember where I put the Scoot N’ Pull – its bright pink, I won it, they never checked that he was a boy!)  But anyway, he loved it.  I also need to dig his helmet out, that’s been waiting patiently to be worn – now which safe place did I leave that in???

There was just one slight problem – his feet!  He is already in a 10.5 shoe, his feet are now too big for his My 1st Scooter – such a shame as it’s great in every other way.  We can turn it from a 4 wheel to a 3 and 2 wheel scooter – but no good if the boy’s feet are just too big for it now!

So after realising that this is not a whim, this is the new ‘on the move’ boy I thought I’d better look for a more suitable set of wheels for my super speedy (or not!) son.

Thanks to ChelseaMamma and Globalmouse travels for their advice, his new scooter is on its way with some of the money I won in the BritMums #Spend20K. challenge.  A lovely Mini Micro Scooter – ideally I want to save it for his birthday, we’ll have to see how that goes – if he can manage with his big feet for another 12 weeks …..

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26 thoughts on “On the move

  1. The mini micro scooters are just the best! He will love it – my 4yo still zooms everywhere on his, and the 7yo only moved up to a two wheeler when he got too tall for the micro 🙂 Look forward to pictures of him on it!

  2. awww bless him – that’s lovely! mine are not very into their scooters really, i wish they would, well mr z anyway.. its so nice to see all the children scooting along to school!

  3. Someone’s on a winning spree! They grow up so fast, don’t they? My Little Dude wouldn’t let go of his walk-along toy even when he’d outgrown it – I finally had to hide it because things were getting reckless! It’s lovely to see children ride their own wheels, hope Monkey likes his new scooter.

    1. We had that issue with Monkey’s sit on car that he adored but had grown out of last year. Yes , they do grow up too fast and we don’t have time to fully appreciate each little step.

  4. awww bless i remember this stage so well with Beth. It is such a lovely stage but also a little saddening that another baby phase has passed

    thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments x

  5. Brilliant. Glad he’s got the bug now. And very jealous of the micro scooter coming.

    N has this one as well – not helpful when we’ve got gravel at home, but he scoots in the house and then we sometimes take it out and about. We did struggle taking it from 4 to 2 wheels (didn’t bother with 2), but I fancy upgrading him to a micro scooter – maybe for his birthday in January.

    1. We never bothered changing it to a two wheeler as he didn’t use it enough really. Micro Scooter has just arrived, really want to keep it for his birthday in December but will have to see if he can make do until then or not ….

  6. Aw-great photos of such a happy time for him!Lovely to see him scoot off but must be a little tough for you!

  7. Wow he will love it my boy has the maxi and is a little dare devil and scares me some times! Enjoy chasing after him 🙂 you’ll notice the quality difference as the micro’s are really well made.

  8. I can totally see your point of view about peer pressure, but it’s great that it has got him on the move. I think it would be great if you could hold on the 12 weeks for his new scooter, lets hope his feet let you. Love the photos.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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