One letter at a time

One letter at a time

Yesterday so a big breakthrough, the next step in Monkey’s journey through life.  He’s growing up, one letter at a time!  As I’ve often mentioned, Monkey does everything at his own pace, from talking to walking.  He is no hurry to zoom from one stage to another.  He’ll get very frustrated when he can’t manage something his friends seem to achieve with ease.  But he takes his time.  Writing is nothing different.

I’m probably to blame, I haven’t done a great deal to bring this skill to the fore.  I’ve wanted to watch him explore his love of imaginative play.  But I can’t deny I’d love to see a birthday card written from Monkey next month.

Monkey will happily write xxxx in cards, and I’ve held his hand to write his name.  But he’s shown no inclination to go further.  Until today.  We’d had an afternoon of painting and drawing and suddenly Monkey asked to write the first letter of his name.  He made an attempt, which wasn’t too bad at all for a first try.  I then wrote the letter for him, and he copied it.  It was a magical moment, a proud Mummy moment and actually a proud Monkey moment.

So we’re starting our A-Z, one letter at a time.  It may be months before he wants to attempt his second letter, it may be today, tomorrow. Who knows, but my Monkey is growing up, one letter at a time.  A new chapter of his life is starting, a chapter that will open up a wonderful world for him.  An exciting time, one more step away from my tiny little boy, one step closer to my grown up little man.

One letter at a time

20 thoughts on “One letter at a time

  1. Well done Monkey! I don’t think there is any point in forcing them to do things they have no interest in – just embrace it when they do start showing an interest! Good luck with the rest of the alphabet!

  2. One letter at a time sounds like the perfect way to do the alphabet – He might do it sooner than you think! x

  3. Well done Monkey! We’ve had something of a break through with writing recently and, while it isn’t clearly his name yet, it’s much more like letters than previously.

  4. This is fantastic monkey, can’t wait to see what your next letter is. I think you are right to let him do stuff when he is ready, he will get there in the end and it will be on his terms.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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