our first family photo

Our first family photo

My Magic Moments and What’s the Story?  post this week is all about our first family photo.

My son was born on Thursday 10th December 2009 and after a bit of a bumpy start, we finally came home on Saturday night. I can remember sitting in our Living Room that evening with Daddy P and my son in his Moses Basket – we looked at each other – what do we do now???

On Monday 14th December we popped around to Daddy P’s sister for a few hours.  Her husband is a keen photographer (he took most of our wedding photographs) and he offered to take our first family photo.

So here we are, rather bleary-eyed from what I can remember.  But I was dressed!

our first family photo

Seems like a lifetime ago now, especially as we’re approaching his 4th birthday.  It’s been a magical time, ups and downs, sleepless night, so many milestones jumped over, so many giggles, tears, tantrums and hugs.  How did that little dot turn into my big boy?

Our first family photo – my Magic Moment and What’s the Story? post for this week 🙂



48 thoughts on “Our first family photo

  1. You look so good for just having a baby. Don’t think I got dressed for almost a week after having Izebella. Tho I was sore from a section.

  2. Lovely photo! The time goes so quickly doesn’t it? I can remember that ‘what do we do now?’ feeling when you get home from hospital too. We got home early afternoon when we brought Xavier home (an it was lovely sunny weather) so we turned right around and went to Starbucks!

  3. What a lovely photo! My little boy is just about to turn one and I’ve been looking back at his newborn photos in wonder and awe, so I can only imagine what it feels like to look back when your son is almost 4!

  4. What a lovely picture and such a special time 🙂
    It feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at the same time, doesn’t it?
    Might go and look out Es baby pics xx

  5. So lovely that you have this sweet picture together. I have learnt so many times how important it is to seize the moment and take that picture!

  6. A gorgeous photo of such a special time. It’s funny looking back at yourselves then, sin’t it, and all that you didn’t then know?! Time flies by and before you know it you have this funny, bright little person looking at you!

  7. Awww such a lovely picture. And brought back memories of my first hour at home after having DS#1. He slept in the car seat and like you we looked at him and thought “Now what?”
    Time flies so enjoy every day of your monkey. Before you know it he’ll be doing GCSEs and having driving lessons!

  8. Lovely first photo. I must say that you look fab considering you’d only given birth 4 days prior to photo being taken. #MagicMoments

  9. awww Mary what a really beautiful photo!! i remember those days well and i think your amazing i was in my pj’s till joshua was about 2 months old!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  10. Wow you look amazing considering how soon after it was. Not only are you dressed, your hair is looking and you’re smiling! Brilliant work. It’s that time of year for reminiscing isn’t it – Monkey’s 4th birthday and POD will be 3 on Christmas Day. Always want the time to slow down! Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  11. That is such a lovely photo, you look amazing! I was a grey and bleary eyed mess after getting home with my eldest 🙂 I remember that first night well though, happy (if somewhat blurry!) memories!

  12. What a lovely first family photo and how happy do you guys look. Love it. #magicmoments x

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