Our Great Britain

Our Great Britain

I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s enjoying holidays abroad, travelling to exotic locations all over the world.  One day I realised that although I’d been to some truly wonderful places, there were actually large parts of my own country that I’d never visited.  It was time to explore our Great Britain.  From a whistle-stop tour of Scotland, to a wonderful week in Cornwall, to a trip to Snowdonia and our recent visit to Suffolk, I’ve realised what a wonderful country we live in, truly beautiful.  Parkdean, the UK holiday park company realise this too.  Earlier this year they challenged us all, to take part in a quiz. They showed a number of images and you had to decide which one was home, which was abroad.  The results have now been published, with quite surprising results. Do you know this country as well as you think you do?

Our Great Britain

The image above show the wonderful coastline of Scotland, can you believe that 4/5 people who took part in the quiz didn’t think this was in our Great Britain.  I can remember on my whistle stop tour of Scotland we visited John O’Groats and I was mesmerised by the rugged cliffs.  We spent ages on a rather windswept headland watching the seals bobbing up and down off the coast.  It was magical.

As we’d made it John O’Groats we decided that we really should go to Lands End too.

Our Great Britain

We spent a wonderful week in Cornwall, we made it to Lands End and visited St Michael’s Mount.  As you can see, 1 in 3 people who took part in the Parkdean quiz thought this image was not actually in the UK.  It really is, and it’s a lovely place to visit.  My abiding memory of Cornwall is the wonderful beaches, and the crystal blue waters around Tintagel Castle.  I fell in love with St Ives and Padstow, and spent many hours walking along cliff paths.  It’s somewhere I really do want to go back to with Monkey and explore from a child’s point of view.

Since I’ve had Monkey we’ve spent more time exploring our Great Britain and showing him the wonderful country we live in.  From the Derbyshire Dales to the Cotswolds, this country has so much to offer for all. We’ll be exploring more of it over the summer holidays.  Where would you suggest we visit?

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3 thoughts on “Our Great Britain

  1. Love Britain. We’re lucky in that my mum used to take us all over the place and we’ve got friends all over that we visit. Lakes for sure, and Yorkshire. Then the south coast, Norfolk.

    I do think St Michael’s Mount’s a hard one – as there’s Mont Saint Michel in France which is basically the same! Hard one to choose even if you’ve been to both.

  2. There are so many gorgeous areas of Britain I sometimes think it is a waste going abroad! Scotland is one of our favourite places and we loved going up on the train earlier in the year, so much stunning scenery.

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