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Our Pet Pawtraits photograph

As you all know Brewster, our fluff ball of a cat features regularly on the blog.  He likes to get his nose in on reviews from time to time too.  We’ve been set a challenge by Animal Friends – to take a family photograph – a pet pawtrait.  Well, I though this would be easy.  Oh no!  it appears we have a diva in our midst.  A cat who does not like to share the limelight!  I can’t offer you an amusing, entertaining or unusual family pet pawtrait, Brewster was not up for that at all.  He apparently, only does, amusing, entertaining and the like on his own – a solo pawtrait!  So after many attempts of a photo with me, Monkey or Daddy P, we finally caught this offering.  This is our Pet Pawtraits photograph.  It’s the best I could get, and yes, Brewster definitely steals the limelight!

Our Pet Pawtraits photographSo this is our entry in the Animal Friends Pet Pawtraits blogger challenge.

Now if we were being judged on just our lovely moggy, how much easier would that be!  I’d thought I’d remind you of these gems just for fun.

You get the picture don’t you?  This cat doesn’t do ‘sharing the limelight’.

9 thoughts on “Our Pet Pawtraits photograph

  1. Your cat is gorgeous! I bet his fluff is a nightmare though – We have two short haired black cats and their fur gets everywhere! x

    1. Actually his fur doesn’t seem to moult anywhere near as much as my shorthaired cats used to – but there were 2 of them. But combing it and him bringing in half the garden in it – a totally different question!

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