Our very own Hungry Caterpillar

You know we’re into butterflies and bugs in this house, right?  Well, today my son had a first experience, and who didn’t have her camera or phone with her!!??

We needed to post a birthday card so my son and I went for a short walk to our nearest letterbox this afternoon.  It’s a 10 minute round trip walking so I’d left my phone on charge at home, as well as my bag with my camera in it.  Lesson learnt – always have one or the other with you!

Anyway, we’re halfway there when he shouts out ‘Mummy, what’s THAT?’  There on the path was a rather beautiful, hairy caterpillar.  The first caterpillar my son has seen in the ‘wild’ so to speak.  How exciting, and how excited he was to see it.

So, I’m quite good at identifying butterflies, not so hot on identifying caterpillars these days.  The only thing to do, pick it up, take it home, photograph and email it over to our resident guru aka Gramps for full identification.

Our very own Hungry Caterpillar
www.over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com One hungry caterpillar
Our very own Hungry Caterpillar
www.over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com our little friend

We sent our email, took our new friend out into the garden and let him go 🙂

One day our little hairy friend will turn into a beautiful butterfly, scrub that!  Just had an email from Gramps and this is in fact the caterpillar of the Lackey Moth no less. Our resident guru thinks it’s ready to pupate due to size and the fact we found it on the ground (aaargh should have not given him the option to let it go!  He could have watched the whole transformation over the coming couple of weeks).

In Gramps’ words, the moth is not quite so stunning as the caterpillar – I just googled it …

Our very own Hungry Caterpillar

8 thoughts on “Our very own Hungry Caterpillar

    1. He knows everything there is to know about bugs and more besides. He is a true bug man, He even has a permit from Seville Uni to allow him to persue his passion in Spain, he’s found species of moths and beetles that have never been recorded there before. I was so lucky to see so much as a child (not always appreciated mind) and if I can pass any of that passion for nature on to Monkey, then I will have done a good job.

  1. How great to have a Granddad who’s an expert in a topic that children love – creepy crawlies. As you say it’s a shame that you let it go so early – watching the transformation would have been interesting for Monkey, maybe he’s going to follow in his Granddad’s footsteps! Thanks for sharing your bug adventure with Country Kids.

  2. Oh good thing you have a resident guru! Ah well the wee man has his imagination to think of a more beautiful outcome maybe 🙂

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