Over the pox and another milestone reached – good bye pull ups:)

Over the pox and another milestone reached  – good bye pull ups:)

Well Monkey seems to be over the worst of the pox, just lots of scabs now, but hopefully not many scars. Luckily he had hardly any spots on his face; I was so worried about him scarring his face, so one relieved Mummy šŸ™‚



We spent yesterday playing with everything you could imagine. I love it when Monkey’s imagination takes over and we have his Trackmaster trainset out with bits of his wooden set, Duplo bricks made into trains stations and platforms, constructions vehicles out to repair track and carry out building work, a castle for the train passengers to visit and an airport for people to catch their flights home from. He’s 3 and was a late talker; still behind his peers, but his imagination is right up there. It was lovely to play with him and just watch him having fun, my monkey was back in business.

Monkey does everything in his own time, I’ve learnt to go with the flow over the last 3 years and try not to (But don’t we all!!??) compare him with his friends. We have a very close group of friends from our NCT group; we’ve seen each other pretty much every week since the kids were 4 weeks old. Monkey was the ‘michelin man’ of the group, but so happy and always smiling. He was the last to crawl, walk, have any teeth, and talk so I didn’t expect potty training to be any different. I decided to try during the summer last year when he was just over 2 1/2 years. He was starting pre-school for 2 mornings a week in the September, so wanted to see how we got on by the time he started there. The first two weeks were awful, as expected really; lots of accidents, loads of extra washing, trying not to lose heart and get frustrated. I was on the point of giving up, when it just seemed to ‘click’ with Monkey.

He did have a few accidents to start with at pre-school, probably more to do with the fact that at that time he wouldn’t tell you he wanted to go to the toilet, but in general he did brilliantly. I had no expectations for him being dry at night and have been quite happy for him to be in pull ups for as long as needed. We’d been using Huggies during the day and night before we began potty training as Monkey had learnt to undo conventionial nappies with rather messy results! So I decided to just use them at night and normal pants during the day. They worked well for him, he’s a big boy so we’ve been in the largest size 6, for a while. I’ve noticed recently, that more and more often Monkey was still dry in the morning if I got to him quickly and got him on the toilet. Then we’d have the longest wee in history!!

Anyway, I asked him 2 nights ago if he would like just wear his pj’s in bed, without pull ups so he could be a big grown up boy. He said yes and off we went. Friends had recommended Pampers Bedmats so I’ve put one under his sheet, and 2 mornings in we are dry šŸ™‚ I realise that there will be a few hiccups along the way, but I’m so proud of Monkey. He is growing up so fast, he has his moments (don’t they all!) but he never ceases to amaze me as he takes each new step in his little life šŸ™‚

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  1. Mary a big well done for your blog and well done f. looks like Ben is the last one in pull ups at night. no rush though still very wet in morning. lots of love x

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