Painting on a rainy day

Painting on a rainy day

Well the weather has been rather grim lately, and Monkey’s suffering a bit with cabin fever as I’ve not been well this last week.  I’d promised him that today he could try out some of his birthday presents, we’ve been painting on a rainy day!

Our special friend ‘Sheba’ had bought him some paints, brushes, paint pots and paper from Early Learning Centre and it was about time I let him get messy with them.  He loves painting at Nursery School and I was eager to see what masterpiece he’d create for me.

Painting on a rainy day Painting on a rainy day

Monkey was in his element, he does tend to cover every bit of the paper, and goes over one colour with another! Is it a boy thing?  He does like abstract painting, that’s for sure!

Painting on a rainy day Painting on a rainy day Painting on a rainy day Painting on a rainy day

We then decided to copy an idea from Mister Maker.  We used masking tape to make a pattern across a piece of paper and then Monkey painted like mad.  We waited for the paint to dry and then pulled off the masking tape ….

Painting on a rainy day Painting on a rainy day Painting on a rainy day Painting on a rainy day

He was really pleased with his painting on a rainy day, he loved watching me peel back the masking tape to reveal his pattern.

The non-spill paint pots are great!  There really is no mess with them, and at the end of play time you can close them up ready for use another day.  The only issue we had was that if you leave the non-spill lid on, then most sponge headed brushes are too large for the hole, but Monkey didn’t mind.  He had a great time, and for me, minimal mess, meant minimal clean up time once he’d finished – win, win!

Apparently we’re painting again tomorrow.

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10 thoughts on “Painting on a rainy day

  1. Great idea! I’m keen to get my son introduced to painting, will probably give ELC a visit for the non-spill pots.

  2. Those pots look great Mary and Monkey looks like he’s having the best time with them. We have paint we put in pots and paintbrushes with paint in them, all very messy but washable! Heading over from Mini Creations

  3. Loving this idea – Mister Maker is a genius but we reckon that Monkey’s far more talented than him. Thanks for linking #MiniCreations

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